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Yard Sales and Pink Eye

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OK...I've been racking my brains trying to think up something remotely interesting concerning baseball that I could discuss with any level of intelligence.  Guess what?  I failed. 

So instead, here are a few very unimportant tidbits of information, since they are at least important to me.

This weekend I am having a yard sale with my friend, at her house.  Yard sales are interesting, and I think they tell quite a bit about those who have them.

In addition to the obvious insight into the purchasing patterns of the host of the sale, you can see how they take care of their stuff, how they present it to the outside world.  The most interesting thing is how people perceive the value of their junk.  A million years ago I went to a sale where the people had one of those $40 walmart do-it-yourself desks that was seriously used, water stains from a million cups of coffee, a little rickety.  They wanted $45 for it, despite the fact that you could buy a new one for less.  A fellow yard-saler offered considerably less, and was emphatically refused.  The owner said that the desk had sentimental value to them, which is why it was more valuable than the new price.  WHAT!?!?!  I'm guessing that they didn't sell the desk.

I tend to price things low.  My thought is that if I take my time to get stuff out to sell, I will be really bummed if I have to take it home again.  So, I tend to low ball stuff.  I'm never going to get rich off a yard sale. 

The friend whose sale I'm involved in prices stuff pretty much in the middle.  Some stuff a little higher than I would pay, but for the most part stuff is priced to sell, or priced with the intention that someone can make an offer and really feel good about 'talking her down'.

I might once in a while stop at a yard sale if I'm driving buy and see a potential impulse buy, and this is the 2nd sale, and the first one in about 8 years my friend and I have done.  I don't think I've ever made a killing at a yard sale.

What about you?  Ever had a great yard sale find? 

The second part of this missive is that my friend and I both have pinkeye, do doubt due to contaminated money or something.  I hate pinkeye.  And with the three day weekend, my only health care option is to go to an urgent are place and pay $25 for an office visit to get $4 eye drops.  Somehow, thankfully, with four children between us, there are no more infected eyes in the group. 

I awoke realizing I had it because I had two dreams that I remembered, and during both of them I kept trying to get stuff out of my eye because it was itching and hurting.  I think dreams are cool that way.  How you can incorporate stuff from your reality into them, whether it is a ringing phone, someone talking to you, or unfortunately, pinkeye.

Ever had the dreaded pinkeye as an adult? 

Have a great day, and baseball discussions will continue tomorrow or later today.