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2007 Minnesota Twins Prospects REMASTERED!

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After thinking about it for a couple of days and considering your comments, I've decided that the Twins list needs revision. So, here it is, the

2007 Minnesota Twins Prospects, REMASTERED and in HIGH-DEFINITION

  1. Matt Garza, RHP, Grade A- (grade A was too high)
  2. Kevin Slowey, RHP, Grade B+ (no change)
  3. Chris Parmalee, OF, B+ (no change)
  4. Anthony Swarzak, RHP, B+ (no change)
  5. Glen Perkins, LHP, B (no change)
  6. Pat Neshek, RHP, B (increased from B-)
  7. Alexander Smit, LHP, B- (no change)
  8. Eduardo Morlan, RHP, B- (no change)
  9. Alexi Casilla, 2B, B- (no change)
  10. Paul Kelly, SS, B- (no change)
  11. Jeff Manship, RHP, B- (no change)
  12. Whit Robbins, 1B, C+ (no change)
  13. Brian Duensing, LHP, C+ (no change)
  14. Kyle Waldrop, RHP, C+ (dropped from B- and 12 which was too high)
  15. Oswaldo Sosa, RHP, C+ (no change)
  16. Zach Ward, RHP, C+ (no change)
  17. Joe Benson, OF, C+ (no change)
  18. Erik Lis, 1B, C+ (no change in grade but dropped from 13)
  19. Jose Mijares, LHP, C+ (no change)
  20. Garrett Olson, 3B, C+ (no change)
  21. David Winfree, 3B, C (I might raise that to C+ but the fact is that I don't trust his plate discipline at all and makeup questions have to be addressed.
  22. Matt Moses, 3B. Rating him below Olson is controversial I admit, but Moses looked terrible to me in the Arizona Fall League and I am souring on his bat.
Dan Valencia and Jay Rainville will also be in the book but grades are uncertain at this time. I will "pay" for getting extra Twins (and other teams) in the book by not having as many bad prospects from the Nationals system (and others as well). Because of space limits, I can't write about every single Grade C prospect in the universe, and while I try to keep things relatively even between organizations, it's possible to go too far in that direction, if you end up cutting guys who are interesting from one system in favor of guys who aren't in another.

I find it ironic that my Twins list proved to be the most troublesome of all the lists. I am most familiar with the Twins of all the organizations, being a life-long Twins fan, and I probably overcompensate for this to some extent by being harder on some of their prospects in order to avoid playing favorites. You guys helped me clarify my thinking about this. Thanks.