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Welcome Rockies fans and followers, we have some really important decisions to make as a franchise in the coming months and some high level picks in order to accomplish our goals. As I see it, as it always seems to be with this team, one of the key questions we must ask when selecting players, is how do the players we draft interact with Coors Field.

Pitchers of all varieties will struggle in Coors, not only because balls that are hit travel farther, or that the field itself is too spacious to completely cover, but also because pitchers breaking pitches just don't seem to break (or at least not as much). This is also a key question when deciding whom to select among the hitting prospects. Some very basic changes to look for here that you might not be as concerned with in other parks are ground ball rate and the ability to hit breaking pitches. In Coors, to take full advantage of the conditions of the park we want hitters that can get the ball over the infield. Ground balls here aren't that much different than ground balls anywhere else, and thus don't allow us to take advantage of our own ballpark. Another perk to hitting in Coors is we're allowed hitters that aren't junk ball specialists. Of course it helps to be able to hit the breaking stuff, but given that stuff doesn't move vertically or horizontally here as much as anywhere else it's more important that the players we select can handle heat. Pitchers that keep the ball down and throw gas have always been my preference, all other things equal, for Coors prospects.

So in the space below, let's discuss some of our favorite prospects and how their skills may or may not be a match in Coors and with the Rockies organization.

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