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Minor League Ball daily notes, May 19, 2016

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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the Thursday, May 19th edition of Minor League Ball daily notes. Nick Melotte is tied up today, so use this thread here for discussion of Minor League Ball Gameday action.

Other possible points for discussion:

****Mike Clevinger pitched reasonably well in his major league debut for the Cleveland Indians last night against the Cincinnati Reds: 5.1 innings, five hits, four runs, one walk, five strikeouts, looking good the first two times through the order until the Reds caught up with him in the sixth. There were good live observations from fans watching the game in the Gameday comment thread yesterday, Clevinger impressing with his secondary pitches but leaving some hittable fastballs over the plate late in his outing. This is all in line very well with what he was doing in Triple-A, both his strengths and his weaknesses.

****Baltimore Orioles prospect and 2015 first round draft pick D.J. Stewart is still trying to get comfortable with a new batting stance according to Bill Ballew at So far it isn't' working so well: he's hitting .198/.377/.321 with 27 walks and 31 strikeouts in 106 at-bats for Delmarva in the Low-A Sally League. As he did in college for Florida State, Stewart is showing a high walk rate and disciplined approach but so far he has been unable to duplicate his college power production with a wooden bat.

****Carl Triano looks at the Top 100 MLB draft prospects for 2016 at Beyond the Boxscore using an analytical approach.

****Chris Carter is hitting. Chris Carter is hitting. More on this tomorrow but here's a good primer from Rob Parker at Faketeams.