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Minor League Ball Community Discussion: How to Rebuild the Angels

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Mitchell's podcast this week brought up the possibility of the Los Angeles Angels trading Mike Trout as part of a rebuilding effort. That triggered a discussion in the comments section that is worth expanding.

Let's say you wake up tomorrow morning as the GM of the Los Angeles Angels. After you take some antacids, you assess the situation. You are 18-22, in fourth place in the American League West. You are 4.5 games out, which is not insurmountable on May 19th.

***Realistically, do you have a real chance to win this year? Or are you better off looking to the future?

***If you want to stick with the 2016 race for a while longer, what is your plan?

***If you punt this year, do you look for a rebound in 2017, or do you think you should tear the whole thing down and start over with a complete five year rebuild?

***If you shoot for 2017, again, what's your plan? What holes can you fill?

***If you go the complete rebuild route, do you build around Trout, or do you trade him?

***Assuming ownership will go along with it, how will you improve or change your farm system investments?

Fix this team!