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Grade Changes, January 12, 2012

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The main grade change today is Anthony Gose of the Toronto Blue Jays. I had him at a Grade B previously. I've been thinking about this one for a couple of months.

I think he has made sufficient progress to earn a bump up to a Grade B+, given his athleticism, upside, and youth. However, he is still a very high-risk player, and the range of possible outcomes remains very high with him. His strikeout rate remains excessive enough to worry me.

Could he become a star? Certainly. He could also develop into a fourth outfielder who has a long career due to his speed and defense but who never hits enough to justify full-time play.

This is part of my frustration with distilling a player down to a single letter grade. Some "Grade B+" guys are virtually sure things, with high floors. But some are guys who could be stars, or who could turn into nothing at all (Rymer Liriano of the Padres is another example).