Community Pitching Prospect #3

With 57.3% of the vote, Julio Teheran is elected Community Pitching Prospect #2. Again, since only 4 pitchers other than the winner received even 1 vote, I'm going to leave the same 9 and add Taijuan Walker who seems like the most popular request.  After this poll, I'm going to start taking players with no votes off the list (and into the off-list rotation like we had last season).  If you see that a player is not getting any support but you feel strongly he should be on the list still, make that known to me.  If you are considering casting actual votes for some non-listed players in the next poll, PLEASE let that be known.  I'm doing my best to keep a list that people generally feel is a good one.



Julio Teheran: 57.3%

Shelby Miller: 21.3%

Trevor Bauer: 14.7%

Tyler Skaggs: 4.0%

Danny Hultzen: 2.7%

Jameson Taillon: 0%

Jacob Turner: 0%

Drew Pomeranz: 0%

Gerrit Cole: 0%

Dylan Bundy: 0%


CANDIDATES: Shelby Miller, Trevor Bauer, Tyler Skaggs, Danny Hultzen, Jameson Taillon, Jacob Turner, Drew Pomeranz, Gerrit Cole, Dylan Bundy, Taijuan Walker


TESTERS: Martin Perez, Jarrod Parker, Carlos Martinez, James Paxton, Matt Harvey


#01 - MATT MOORE - 91.0%

#02 - JULIO TEHERAN - 57.3%