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Non-Baseball Rant. Beware.

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May Justice Be Done

Non-baseball rant below the fold. Beware.

**It isn't baseball, but the Penn State scandal is the big sports news and although we don't have all the facts yet, I suppose I should say something about it. Firing Joe Paterno was obviously necessary; I don't see how anyone can possibly make excuses for this. I don't care if he was the best football coach in the universe, the man acted as an enabler for child rape.

As my wife points out, coaches and educators are mandatory reporters in suspected cases of child abuse or pedophilia. The fact that they just looked the other way would be bad enough. If the worst rumors are true, there was an active cover-up orchestrated at the higher levels of the university. The level of corruption and cynicism is astounding, although given what has gone in in the Roman Catholic Church over the decades I guess there are historical precedents.

The sight of some Penn State football fans protesting the firing of Paterno is sickening to me. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

I have little kids and I take this stuff very seriously. May justice be done.