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American League East Mock Draft Review

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 American League East Mock Draft Review


5) Zack Wheeler, RHP, Georgia HS
54) Todd Glaesmann, OF, Texas HS
85) Deven Marrero, SS, Florida HS

COMMENT: Wheeler is the first high school pitcher off the board in the Mock Draft, and is a legitimate pick at fifth overall. Glaesmann is a toolsy outfielder who fits fine in the 54 slot, while Marrero has an excellent glove, good athleticism, and at least some chance to hit. Lots of upside here.


28) Max Stassi, C, California HS
77) Billy Hamilton, SS, Mississippi HS
107) Daniel Fields, SS, Michigan HS

COMMENT: Another high school tool-oriented group for an AL East team. Stassi fits Boston's need for a catching prospect, but is not an overdraft in this slot. Hamilton is a terrific athlete but is very raw; he could turn into a star or fizzle out in A-ball. Fields is another premium-but-raw athlete, and in his case there are signability concerns with a Michigan scholarship. However, the Red Sox are willing to take signability chances and usually get their guy. As with the Orioles class, there is tons of upside here but also lots of risk.

New York

29) Matt Hobgood, RHP, California HS
76) Jake Barrett, RHP, Arizona HS

COMMENT: The Yankees director didn't show up, so I handled this one. I couldn't believe Hobgood was still on the board at 29, so he was an easy pick to make. In the second round, I went with another lively high school arm with Barrett, a personal favorite. I hope Yankees fans appreciate this draft on their behalf.

Tampa Bay

30) Tommy Joseph, C, California HS
78) Dane Williams, RHP, Florida HS
108) David Holmberg, LHP, Florida HS

COMMENT: More high school picks. Joseph's power bat is very impressive, and he fills a need for catching in the system. Both Williams and Holmberg are high school pitchers that I like a lot, particularly Holmberg who is quite polished and could have some Brett Anderson in him.


20) Kyle Gibson, RHP, Missouri
37) Tyler Skaggs, LHP, California HS
68) Jeff Malm, 1B, Nevada HS
99) Justin Marks, LHP, Louisville
104) Max Walla, OF, New Mexico HS

COMMENT: Gibson is a risk due to the stress fracture, but I could see something like this happening: you draft him, see how his rehab goes, then either sign him in August or let him go and take the extra pick in '10. Skaggs is highly projectable, while Malm has one of the best high school bats in the class but has a bad body that turns scouts off. Marks is a very polished college lefty, and Walla has a promising bat. Overall this is a nice mix of talent, with Gibson being the wild card.