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National League West Mock Draft Reviews

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National League West Mock Draft Review


16) Wil Myers, C, North Carolina HS
17) Matt Purke, LHP, Texas HS
35) David Renfroe, SS, Mississippi HS
41) Brett Jackson, OF, California
45) Tommy Mendonica, 3B, Fresno State
60) Jeff Kobernus, 2B, California
64) Joe Kelly, RHP, UC Riverside
95) Bryan Berglund, RHP, California HS

COMMENTS: I think this is terrific on paper, but in reality I doubt the Dbacks would go for Purke due to his high price tag. On the other hand, if they DID do something like this, and if Purke proved unsignable, you could take that money and make sure you lock up Myers and Renfroe, giving you two strong preps even if you miss out on Purke. The college picks should all be affordable and provide some balance for the high schoolers. Berglund is a very interesting high school pitcher and would be a nice slot there in the third round.


11) Tanner Scheppers, RHP, St. Paul Saints
32) Tim Wheeler, OF, Sacramento State
34) Everett Williams, OF, Texas HS
59) Jake Eliopoulos, LHP, Canada HS
90) Derek McCallum, 2B, Minnesota

COMMENT: This is a very good draft. Scheppers carries the extra risk due to his shoulder problem last year, but if he can stay healthy he could be the second-best pitcher in the draft. Wheeler and Williams are both first round talents, and getting them at 32 and 34 is a coup. Eliopoulos is probably a slight overdraft, but as a projectable high schooler with a fresh arm he has lots of upside. McCallum is a personal favorite and a target for my Shadow Twins. Overall, I like this broad mix of talent.

Los Angeles

36) Garrett Gould, RHP, Kansas HS
56) Slade Heathcott, OF, Texas HS
65) Matt Bashore, LHP, Indiana
96) Josh Leyland, C, California HS

COMMENT: This looks like something the Dodgers do, given their liking for big strong athlete types. Gould is a candidate to sneak into the first round unexpectedly, so getting him at 36 is good value and he does fit the Dodgers mold. Heathcott does as well. Bashore is a polished college guy, providing some leavening for the preps, similar to Josh Lindbloom in last year's draft. Leyland returns to the high school theme and again is the type of player the Dodgers favor. Overall, this is a very realistic draft.

San Diego

3) Aaron Crow, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
52) Nick Franklin, SS, Florida HS
83) Robbie Erlin, LHP, California  HS

COMMENT: The Padres are usually college-oriented. Crow is a logical pick at number three overall if they don't feel they can afford Donavan Tate. Franklin is a tools guy with a good glove and offensive potential, though there are some questions about his power. Erlin is a short lefty at 5-11, but has a lively fastball/curveball combination and a lot of people think he is underrated. Although I don't think the Padres draft will actually look like this, given their past track record, on its own terms this is a good trio of talent.

San Francisco

6) Jacob Turner, RHP, Missouri HS
55) Kentrail Davis, OF, Tennessee
86) Austin Maddox, C, Florida HS

COMMENT: The Giants have a good track record with high school pitchers, and Turner seems to be the type who would definitely interest them, though cost-wise I don't know if they would actually do this. Davis has high upside for a college player, but also high risk, and likewise has a big pricetag and leverage as a sophomore. Maddox's stock fell a little this spring, but again has high upside. This is a risky and expensive group, but in terms of potential impact ranks highly and could end up being excellent if these guys live to their potential.