Royals Top Secret Scouting Strategy (do not read if you dont want your mind blown)

Royals repeatedly go after players with one thing in common: Name Alliteration.

the royals found a correlation between the success of players and name alliteration and are using the information to the fullest. the royals could be on to something smart.

the kansas city royals currently have approximately 27% of all alliterated players in the American league according to rosters, not including the farm. they also have 13% of alliteration in the entire MLB, not including farm, including three players in the starting outfield.

list of recently sought out royals players (this is NOT a coincidence):

Brian Bannister

Billy Butler

David Dejesus

Mitch Maier

Coco Crisp

Danny Duffy

Michael Montgomery

Kila Ka'aihue

Yasuhiko Yabuta

MIke Moustakas

Mike MacDougal

Steve Stemle

Scott Sullivan

Billy Buckner

Thinking about the upcoming draft, it would be wise to presume that the Royals are really hoping to aquire Grant Green, Bobby Borcerhing maybe Mike Minor. further analysis hypothesizes that Bobby wouldnt make sense here, because of the great young third baseman Alex Gordon and the excessive but powerful Mike Moustakos. Green could be someone they are very very interested in. do not be surprised if Green falls to them, they most likely will pounce, although they would have to move someone out of Hosmer, Moustakos and Butler to the outfield. Luke Gil and Minor would be a nice back end of a roation filled with solids.

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