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American League West Mock Draft Reviews

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American League West Mock Draft Review

Los Angeles

24) James Paxton, LHP, Kentucky
25) Matt Davidson, 3B, California HS
40) Alex Wilson, RHP, Texas A&M
42) Madison Younginer, RHP, South Carolina HS
48) Josh Phegley, C, Indiana
80) Brooks Raley, LHP, Texas A&M
110) J.R. Murphy, C, Florida HS

COMMENT: With multiple early picks, the Angels have a chance to rebuild their system quickly, and it will be interesting to see if the real draft takes a similar tack to this one. The Angels usually prefer tools and upside. Although Paxton is a college pick, he's very projectable and needs more polish. Davidson might be a slight overdraft, but I don't have a problem with it and he does seem like the kind of hitter they would like. The mixture of high school and college choices that follow seem logical, though I'm not sure Wilson and Phegley are "Angels types." On the other hand, preps Younginer and Murphy fit the Angels profile, and Raley is unusually athletic for a college pitcher, which seems like something they would like. Overall I think this is a good use of multiple picks.


13) Donavan Tate, OF, Georgia HS
92) Robert Stock, RHP, Southern Cal

COMMENT: While Tate doesn't fit the stereotype of what the Athletics look for, rumors persist that Oakland is strongly considering him should he fall this far. Stock has huge first round upside as a pitcher but his signability is a question. This pair would be expensive and somewhat risky, but the upside would be outstanding.


2) Dustin Ackley, OF, North Carolina
27) Drew Storen, RHP, Stanford
33) Mychal Givens, SS, Florida HS
51) Angelo Songco, OF, Loyola Marymount
82) Andrew Susac, C, California HS

COMMENT: Ackley is a no-brainer. Storen relieved in college, but the mock organization director drafted him as a starter according to his comment in the thread. Givens has a very high ceiling and blends nicely with Ackely and Storen's college polish. Songco provides another power bat for the outfield. Susac has gotten a bit lost in the shuffle of high school catching this year, but is a legitimate pick. Overall, a draft like this would provide a nice combination of tools and skills for the system.


14) Chad James, LHP, Oklahoma HS
44) Jared Mitchell, OF, LSU
62) Zack Van Rosenberg, RHP, Louisiana HS
93) Billy Bullock, RHP, Florida

COMMENT: A lot of people are projecting home-state product Shelby Miller for the Rangers at 14, but the mock director selected James instead. Either would fit based on talent, fitting the mold of the power arm that the Rangers have been trying to collect. Mitchell at 44 is a steal. I'm also fond of Rosenberg, who may not have the pure stuff of some of the others but has terrific pitchability for a prep. Bullock in the third round is a guy who could help in the pen relatively soon. Overall, I like the mix of high school and college guys, upside with polish.