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Update and Thursday Discussion Question

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I have a nasty cold and feel like crap today, and to be honest I don't have the mental and emotional energy to do the planned All Questions Answered Thread. So I will put that off until next week sometime. In the meantime, here is a Discussion Question for you.

Which of these Oakland pitching prospect would you rather have, and why? Trevor Cahill or Henry Alberto Rodriguez.

Cahill was born March 1, 1988, and went 11-4, 2.73 with a 117/40 K/BB in 105 innings last year for Kane County in the Midwest League. He is 6-3, 195 pounds. His fastball is 88-92 MPH and he has an outstanding curveball and an improving changeup. He throws strikes and still has some projectability. His GO/AO ratio last year was 1.83. He was a second round pick in 2006 out of high school in Vista, California.

Rodriguez was born February 25, 1987, and went 6-8, 3.07 with a 106/58 K/BB in 99 innings for Kane County last year. He is 6-1, 175. He can hit 100 MPH but worked at 93-96 last year with better command. He has a good changeup, but his breaking ball is erratic. His command is shaky at times but he has dominant stuff. His GO/AO ratio last year was 1.19. He was signed as a free agent out of Venezuela in 2003.

So, who would you rather have?