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Blast from the Past: Top Prospects of 1999.

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Do you remember me?
The way it used to be?

The Best Prospects of 1999

  1. J.D. Drew, Grade A. Excellent when healthy.
  2. Eric Chavez, Grade A. Excellent, best years are ahead.
  3. Rick Ankiel, Grade A. Steve Blass for the 21st Century. Pictured above.
  4. Troy Glaus, Grade A. Very effective power hitter.
  5. Brad Penny, Grade A. Solid starting pitcher when healthy.
  6. Michael Barrett, Grade A-. Erratic. Sometimes very good.
  7. Nick Johnson, Grade A-. Flashes of success, but serious health problems.
  8. Ruben Mateo, Grade A-. Ruined by broken leg, poor plate discipline.
  9. Calvin Pickering, Grade A-. Almost ate his way out of baseball, but rebounded in '04 and still has a chance to succeed.
  10. Bruce Chen, Grade A-. Some success, but inconsistent, gets traded a lot.
  11. Carlos Beltran, Grade A-. Outstanding player.
  12. Gabe Kapler, Grade A-. Good 2000 season, otherwise inconsistent.
  13. Matt Clement, Grade A-. Solid starting pitcher, I think his best is yet to come.
  14. Lance Berkman, Grade A-. Excellent hitter, future MVP.
  15. Pablo Ozuna, Grade A-. Busted in Age-Gate.
  16. Juan Encarnacion, Grade A-. Adequate player.
  17. Jeremy Giambi, Grade A-. Injuries, steroids, bad defense.
  18. Alex Escobar, Grade B+. Injuries, bad plate discipline.
  19. Ryan Anderson, Grade B+. Ruined by bad shoulder.
  20. Matt Riley, Grade B+. Injury problems, healthy now but still finding his control.
  21. Joe Lawrence, Grade B+. Ruined by injuries, defensive problems.
  22. Octavio Dotel, Grade B+. Very effective reliever and closer.
  23. John Patterson, Grade B+. Flashes of success, along with injury problems. Still has a chance to be good.
  24. Russ Branyan, Grade B+. Ultimate all-or-nothing hitter.
  25. Carlos Febles, Grade B+. Injuries, plus Brent Gates-like offensive stagnation.
  26. Alex Gonzalez the Marlin, Grade B+. Decent player if erratic.
  27. Dernell Stenson, Grade B+. Murdered in 2003 Arizona Fall League.
  28. Braden Looper, Grade B+. Developed into a pretty good closer.
  29. Roy Halladay, Grade B+. Excellent when healthy.
  30. Freddy Garcia, Grade B+. Can dominate when his control is on.
  31. Pat Burrell, Grade B+. Solid power guy, not a complete hitter.
  32. George Lombard, Grade B+. Tools guy did not develop.
  33. Pete Bergeron, Grade B+. Poster boy for Expos Ennui.
  34. Jason Grilli, Grade B+. Ruined by injuries.
  35. A.J. Burnett, Grade B+. Dominates when healthy.
  36. Richie Sexson, Grade B+. Impressive power hitter 1999-2003.
  37. Enrique Wilson, Grade B+. Age Gate.
  38. Angel Pena, Grade B+. Young Catcher Stagnation Syndrome, got fat.
  39. Ramon Hernandez, Grade B+. Good solid regular catcher.
  40. Ryan Bradley, Grade B+. Injuries, control problems.
  41. Gil Meche, Grade B+. Has worked hard to come back from slagged arm.
  42. Carlos Lee, Grade B+. Steady, consistent, productive hitter.
  43. Milton Bradley, Grade B+. Very good player despite controversies.
  44. Mitch Meluskey, Grade B+. Excellent 2000 season, but ruined by injuries.
  45. Mike Cuddyer, Grade B+. Finally gets to play regularly in '05, should be productive.
  46. Chad Hermansen, Grade B+. Tools goof flameout due to poor strike zone judgment.
  47. Daryle Ward, Grade B+. Some success, old player skills do not age well.
  48. Odalis Perez, Grade B+. Does good work when on the mound.
  49. Trot Nixon, Grade B+. Overcame back problems, solid player.
  50. Ricky Ledee, Grade B+. Role player bat on the bench.