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Origins of the 2014 All-Stars: National League hitters

Justin K. Aller

I present this data every year. Compared to the American League team, the National League team has fewer international players and more second-round successes.

National League Hitters
Charlie Blackmon: Second round, Rockies, 2008, Georgia Tech
Matt Carpenter:
13th round, Cardinals, 2009, Texas Christian University
Starlin Castro: Free agent, Cubs, 2006, Dominican Republic
Todd Frazier: Supplemental first round, Reds, 2007, Rutgers University
Freddie Freeman:
Second round, Braves, 2007, California HS

Paul Goldschmidt:
Eighth round, Diamondbacks, 2009, Texas State University
Carlos Gomez:
Free agent, Mets, 2002, Dominican Republic
Dee Gordon: Fourth round, Dodgers, 2008, Seminole Community College
Josh Harrison: Sixth round, Cubs, 2008, University of Cincinnati
Jonathan Lucroy: Third round, Brewers, 2007, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Andrew McCutchen:
First round, Pirates, 2005, Florida HS
Devin Mesoraco: First round, Reds, 2007, Pennsylvania HS
Yadier Molina:
Fourth round, Cardinals, 2000, Puerto Rico HS
Miguel Montero: Free agent, Diamondbacks, 2001, Venezuela
Daniel Murphy: 13th round, Mets, 2006, Jacksonville University

Hunter Pence:
Second round, Astros, 2004, University of Texas-Arlington
Yasiel Puig: Free agent, Dodgers, 2012, Cuba
Aramis Ramirez: Free agent, Pirates, 1994, Dominican Republic
Anthony Rizzo: Sixth round, Red Sox, 2007, Florida HS

Giancarlo Stanton:
Second round, Marlins, 2007, California HS

Troy Tulowitzki: First round, Rockies, 2005, Long Beach State University
Chase Utley: First round, Phillies, 2000, UCLA

International Free Agents: 5 (Dominican Republic 3, Cuba 1, Venezuela 1)
High Schools: 6
Four-year colleges: 8
Two-year colleges: 1

First round picks: 4
Supplemental picks: 1
Second round picks: 4
Third through 10th round: 6
Later than 10th round: 2