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Chicago White Sox Top 20 2016 PRE-SEASON prospects in review

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Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson
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Today we continue with our reviews of the pre-season prospect lists with the Chicago White Sox.




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This list was originally published March 10th, 2016

1) Carson Fulmer, RHP, Grade B+/A-: Age 22, first round pick out of Vanderbilt in 2015, 4.76 ERA in 87 innings in Double-A with 90/51 K/BB; promoted to major league bullpen, 8.47 ERA with 10/7 K/BB in 12 innings so far; held back by erratic command at this point, not really a surprise given walk rate in Double-A. I remain optimistic long-term but he needs more time.

2) Tim Anderson, SS, Grade B+:
Promoted to majors in June, hitting .272/.289/.409 with six homers, five walks, 70 strikeouts in 232 at-bats; tools obvious; defense ahead of hitting at this stage; still working on locking down the strike zone.

3) Spencer Adams, RHP, Grade B:
23 starts between High-A and Double-A, combined 4.09 ERA with 87/31 K/BB, 131 innings, 156 hits; throws strikes and demonstrates strong pitching feel but hittable, more a potential workhorse than future ace but still only 20. 

4) Adam Engel, OF, Grade B-/C+:
Hit .255/.352/.412 in Double-A but just .211/.265/.263 since moving up to Triple-A due to contact problems (32 strikeouts, five walks, 95 at-bats); fast, 43 steals, toolsy, but continues to demonstrate shaky grasp of hitting.

5) Jordan Guerrero, LHP, Grade B-/C+:
4.63 ERA in 130 innings in Double-A, 102/71 K/BB, 123 hits; good reviews on change-up but overall command remains inconsistent; won't be ready for a trial until sometime next year; walks must come down.

6) Tyler Danish, RHP, Grade C+/B-
:  105 innings between Double-A and Triple-A, 68/26 K/BB, 110 hits; continues to generate grounders at an elevated pace and throw strikes; went on disabled list a few days ago. Fourth starter potential if healthy.

7) Trey Michalczewski, 3B, Grade C+/B-:
Hitting .232/.318/.368 with nine homers, 47 walks, 124 strikeouts in 418 at-bats in Double-A; age 21; switch-hitter with raw power that he has yet to fully tap; defense has improved dramatically over the last three years, buying the bat more time.

8) Courtney Hawkins, OF, Grade C+:
Age 22, hit .243/.300/.410 with nine homers, 20 walks, 100 strikeouts in 300 at-bats in Double-A while bothered by finger and foot injuries in 2015. In 2016 he's hitting .211/.263/.364 with 10 homers, 20 walks, 112 strikeouts in 346 at-bats at the same level. No progress, in other words, even slippage. Has hit four homers in last 10 games while striking out 16 times and hitting .195.  That's Hawkins in microcosm.

9) Corey Zangari, 1B, Grade C+:
Age 19, sixth round pick in 2015 from high school in Oklahoma, hit .166 with 106 strikeouts in 223 at-bats in Low-A; sent down to Pioneer League in June and hitting .278/.354/.450 so far; like many Sox prospects he bleeds raw power but struggles with contact.

10) Jacob May, OF, Grade C+:
Hitting .238/.287/.307 with 13 steals, 14 walks, 58 strikeouts in 231 at-bats in Triple-A; speed and defense still look good but not much of a hitter; at age 24 time is at a premium for him.

11) Eddy Alvarez, SS, Grade C+
: Age 26, older prospect with background as an Olympic speed skater;  hitting .263/.339/.367 with 46 walks, 76 strikeouts in 395 at-bats in Double-A; not great but given unusual career path he could have more upside than typical for his age. Utility projection most likely.

12) Jordan Stephens, RHP, Grade C+
: Age 23, fifth round pick out of Rice University in 2015; 121 innings in High-A with 123/39 K/BB, 115 hits; polished; throws strikes, good cutter, fourth starter projection.

13) Brian Clark, LHP, Grade C+:
54 innings between Double-A and Triple-A, 1.84 ERA, 45/10 K/BB; looking for job in bullpen, throws strikes, gets grounders. could be viable LOOGY.

14) Andre Wheeler, LHP, Grade C+:
52 innings between High-A and Double-A, 4.30 ERA, 50/23 K/BB; better stuff than Clark but not as refined, also looking for bullpen job down the line.

15) Micker Adolfo, OF, Grade C:
Age 19, signed for $1,600,000 in 2013,  hitting .205/.262/.332 with 13 walks, 78 strikeouts in 205 at-bats in Low-A while fighting injuries; overmatched and needs a lot of work with his swing, approach.

16) Chris Beck, RHP, Grade C
:  4.21 ERA in 66 innings in Triple-A with 50/25 K/BB, 77 hits; at this point he looks like a 12th man, mop-up type.

17) Jason Coats, OF, Grade C
:  Hit .329/.390/.512 in Triple-A, promoted to majors, hitting .172/.333/.310 in 29 at-bats; I need to do a full profile on him and will get that posted tomorrow.

18) Jake Peter, INF, Grade C:
Hit .304/.378/.407 in Double-A (yay) but just .222/.286/.314 after moving up to Triple-A (boo); gap pop, draws a few walks, versatile glove. Utility projection.

19) Peter Tago, RHP, Grade C:
4.37 ERA in 60 innings in Double-A, 78/33 K/BB, 47 hits; dominance ratios are quite good and reflect quality stuff but command remains inconsistent. Bullpen projection.

20) Michael Ynoa, RHP, Grade C:
Holding his own in MLB bullpen trial, 3.18 ERA in 17 innings with 16/11 K/BB; needs to sharpen command to take a larger role but that seems very possible to me.

OTHERS OF NOTE: Jhoandro Alfaro, C; Brandon Brennan, RHP; Chris Comito, RHP; Johan Cruz, INF; Matt Davidson, 3B; Danny Dipoco, RHP; Jace Fry, LHP; Onelki Garcia, LHP; Blake Hickman, RHP; Robinson Leyer, RHP; Thad Lowry, RHP; Luis Martinez, RHP; Franklin Reyes, OF

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