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Origins of the 2014 All-Stars: American League hitters

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Mike Trout
Mike Trout
Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I present this data every year. Make of it what you will.

Jose Abreu: Free agent, White Sox, 2013, Cuba
Jose Altuve: Free agent, Astros, 2007, Venezuela
Erick Aybar: Free agent, Angels, 2002, Dominican Republic
Jose Bautista:
20th round pick, Pirates, 2000, Chipola Junior College
Adrian Beltre: Free agent, Dodgers, 1994, Dominican Republic

Michael Brantley:
Seventh round, Brewers, 2005, Florida HS
Miguel Cabrera:
Free agent, Marlins, 1999, Venezuela
Robinson Cano:
Free agent, Yankees, 2001, Dominican Republic
Yoenis Cespedes: Free agent, Athletics, 2012, Cuba
Nelson Cruz
Free agent, Mets, 1998, Dominican Republic

Josh Donaldson:
Supplemental first round, Cubs, 2007, Auburn University
Edwin Encarnacion: Ninth round, Rangers, 2000, Puerto Rico HS
Alex Gordon
First round, Royals, 2005, University of Nebraska
Derek Jeter: First round, Yankees, 1992, Michigan HS
Adam Jones: Supplemental first round, Mariners, 2003, California HS

Ian Kinsler:
17th round, Rangers, 2003, University of Missouri
Victor Martinez: Free agent, Indians, 1996, Venezuela
Brandon Moss: Eighth round, Red Sox, 2002, Georgia HS
Derek Norris:
Fourth round, Nationals, 2007, Kansas HS
Salvador Perez
Free agent, Royals, 2007, Venezuela

Alexei Ramirez:
Free agent, White Sox, 2008, Cuba
Kyle Seager: Third round, Mariners, 2009, University of North Carolina
Kurt Suzuki:
Second round, Athletics, 2004, Cal State Fullerton
Mike Trout:
First round, Angels, 2009, New Jersey HS
Matt Wieters: First round, Orioles, 2007, Georgia Tech

International Free Agents: 11 (Cuba 3, Dominican Republic 4, Venezuela 4)

High Schools: 7
Four-year colleges: 6
Two-year colleges: 1

First round picks: 4
Supplemental picks: 2
Second round: 1
Third through 10th: 5
Later than 10th: 2