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Retrospective: Top Prospects of 2002

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This morning I pulled a book off my shelf at random: The 2002 Prospect Handbook by Baseball America. I decided to take a look and see who the top prospect in each organization was that year. You can find the list below and it may make for some interesting discussion from a brief snapshot in time.

Top Prospects in Each Organization for 2002, from Baseball America

Anaheim Angels: Casey Kotchman, 1B
Arizona Diamondbacks: Luis Terrero, OF
Atlanta Braves: Wilson Betemit, SS
Baltimore Orioles: Richard Stahl, LHP
Boston Red Sox: Seung Song, RHP

Chicago Cubs: Mark Prior, RHP
Chicago White Sox: Joe Borchard, OF
Cincinnati Reds: Austin Kearns, OF
Cleveland Indians: Corey Smith, 3B
Colorado Rockies: Chin-Hui Tsao, RHP

Detroit Tigers: Nate Cornejo, RHP
Florida Marlins: Josh Beckett, RHP
Houston Astros: Carlos Hernandez, LHP
Kansas City Royals: Angel Berroa, SS
Los Angeles Dodgers: Ricardo Rodriguez, RHP

Milwaukee Brewers: Nick Neugebauer, RHP
Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer, C
Montreal Expos: Brandon Phillips, SS
New York Mets: Aaron Heilman, RHP
New York Yankees: Drew Henson, 3B

Oakland Athletics: Carlos Pena, 1B
Philadelphia Phillies: Marlon Byrd, OF
Pittsburgh Pirates: J.R. House, C
St. Louis Cardinals: Jimmy Journell, RHP
San Diego Padres: Sean Burroughs, 3B

San Francisco Giants: Jerome Williams, RHP
Seattle Mariners: Ryan Anderson, LHP
Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Josh Hamilton, OF
Texas Rangers: Hank Blalock, 3B
Toronto Blue Jays: Josh Phelps, C