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2012 Baseball Prospect Book Now Shipping

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The 2012 Baseball Prospect Book has arrived from the printer and we are shipping orders today. We ordered enough print copies to cover all pre-orders and we still have some remaining, but print copies are first-come, first-serve. There won't be a reprint, so if you want to be sure and get one, order ASAP.

The Baseball Prospect Book is Made in the USA! It is written by an American and is printed in the United States, so stimulate the American economy, support small business, and buy the BPB. It has reports on 1205 players, and is funnier than competing publications.

We are also selling .pdf electronic copies, which you can order at the same link (be sure you are ordering the thing you want). The .pdf is distributed via email each evening, usually after 10 PM CST. Please make sure to provide a valid email address. We've had some people who ordered the electronic version but didn't give us an email address that works. NOTE: Gmail users report that the .pdf often ends up in their spam filter, so if you have gmail, order the book, and don't get it, check your spam!