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2012 Baseball Draft: High School Prospects 1-5

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Before I get going to much here, I want to be up front with you guys. I have not seen every player in my top 100 lists. I haven't seen any of them in person. I have seen several of them multiple times on TV though. These five I have seen play at least once and as many as four times in live games as well as multiple showcase videos or other video from game situations. I have a very good feel for these guys.

There are others I don't have a great feel for, and I will say that when it applies. I will likely reference other articles that I have read as well as link to video. I hope to link to a video for every player so you can see what I am seeing as well. This summer I hope to attend at least one showcase if not more so I can see some of these guys in person. That's my goal. Without further ado, here is the first five.

Lucas Giolito, RHP, Harvard Westlake, CA

The 6'6" righty has been at the top of the 2012 prep list for quite a while. Giolito could be on his way to breaking the streak of never having a Prep right hander taken 1st overall. Giolito has the highest ceiling of anyone in the 2012 draft. The amazing thing is that his floor is very high as well. As long as he doesn't have injury issues, he could have a floor of a #2 starter with the ceiling of an ace. His fastball reaches as high as 99 MPH but is usually a 94-96 MPH well commanded pitch. It has late movement and good sink.

His breaking ball is truly a plus pitch right now with potential to be a 70 pitch or better. He commands it well. It has tight spin and is more consistent than you would expect from a 17 year old. He looks more like a player who has spent 2-3 years in college or pro ball. His change is the third-best pitch but is still a very good pitch. His mechanics are smooth and clean. He uses his full body in his delivery and has a big durable frame. When the draft rolls around, I can't see him sliding out of the top five and has a shot at being the 1st overall pick. If by some chance he slides down and opts for college, he will head to UCLA.

Trey Williams, 3B, Valencia, CA

Williams is the son of journeyman major leaguer Eddie Williams and has all the tools to make it to the majors and hopefully surpass his fathers' accomplishments. At 6'2", 205 and extremely athletic, he could be a very good 3B due to soft hands and smooth movements. He's handled shortstop at the high school level but will be a 3B at the next level.

On the offensive side, Trey can rake. The smooth swinging righty should have an above average bat with above average power as well. He's not a burner but he has solid average speed. He could be a .280 type hitter with 25 home runs annually. He's physically mature and has good baseball instincts. Williams could be a future middle of the order hitter with a good glove as well. He is likely a top 15 pick in this year's draft but could slide if he makes it past that. He is committed to Pepperdine and that usually is a pretty solid commitment.

Carlos Correa, SS, PR Baseball Academy

Correa is a 6'4", 190 pound Shortstop that is extremely athletic. He is long and agile but his height and size may make him move off short at some point simply due to outgrowing it. He has very good actions at the position as well as a strong arm. It's an outside shot he can stick at the position but it is possible. A lot will depend on how much he grows in the next 2-3 years. If he does move over to 3B, he could be a well above average defender.

At the plate, Correa displays a ton of potential. He is long with big levers and a pretty short swing considering that. He generates big power potential. His hit tool isn't the greatest right now and needs work. He tones down his swing in games and has some contact issues as well as discipline issues at the plate, but that is nothing unusual for a young kid out of Puerto Rico.

Whoever chooses Correa will get a very projectable, potentially elite talent that is one of the youngest players available in this years' draft. I can't see him sliding out of the top 10 unless the bat totally fails him this spring. If he were to attend college, he is committed to Miami.

Walker Weickel, RHP, Olympia, FL

When looking at a high school pitcher, I tend to expect them to lose 2 MPH unless they are thin and look like strengthening will add velocity. Weickel fits this by throwing 96 on occasion. Even if he only touches 96 and often throws 2-4 MPH less than that so that he is more under control, you are still talking about a plus fastball.

At 6'6", 205 LBS, he is a huge kid. He is very athletic and repeats his delivery well. He has long legs and arms and uses his height well in his delivery. He also uses his limbs to cause some deception in his delivery. His breaking ball can get a little loopy and he will have to tighten that up for it to be as effective as it can be but it flashes plus potential. His change is in the same ballpark as his breaking ball. It's inconsistent but shows flashes of a plus pitch.

While Weickel isn't likely to be an Ace, he is more likely to be a #2 or #3 starter depending on how well his secondary pitches develop, he is likely to be a major league caliber pitcher with 3 average or better pitches. He also has a small chance at gaining a few MPH's on his fastball with professional strength training and coaching. That is one reason he is as high as he is. He will likely be taken in the top 15 picks. If he doesn't sign, he is also committed to go to Miami.

Max Fried, LHP, Harvard-Westlake, CA

Max Fried should make scouts happy. He pitches as the same high school as Giolito and is a crazy good prospect. He is 6'3", 170 LBS and is the definition of projectable. He is thin and loose in his delivery and can already touch 95. He may even gain a couple MPH as he gains strength. That is scary from a lefty.

That isn't even to mention his impressive secondary pitches. He almost floats through his delivery. His breaking ball is a bit loopy and inconsistent as well but we are talking about an 18 year old here. It could be a 70 pitch, as he commands it well. His change also flashes plus potential.

A lefty with 3 average to well above average pitches projects as a #3 starter all the way up to an Ace. There are a variety of outcomes that could happen here but the potential for a top of the rotation lefty shouldn't last long. I would be surprised if he isn't taken in the top 10 picks. If he opts for college, UCLA is his destination.