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Rating the Farm Systems: Preliminary Steps

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I've updated all the Top 20 lists, and you can find the menu with links to all of them over on the left side of the page. Teams with major changes I will repost and re-open the comment threads today and tomorrow.

The next step is to rank the farm systems. Some readers in the Fanpost section have taken the grades and, using a variety of different methodologies, come up with a ranking system. Each poster has used a slightly different approach.
Anyone who has done that or wants to do that, feel free to go ahead and continue. You can use the grades as they are currently listed. I have my own ranking system but I'm interested in seeing how the results compare to what you guys come up with. The main caveat: don't count Yu Darvish as a "prospect" for the Rangers. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about him.