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2011 MLB Draft: Philadelphia Phillies Review

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General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Philadelphia Phillies likes players named "Greene" and "Wright". (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Philadelphia Phillies likes players named "Greene" and "Wright". (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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2011 MLB Draft: Philadelphia Phillies Review

The Phillies stick with their traditional theme of tools and athleticism over polish.

1S) Larry Greene, OF, Georgia HS: Was shooting up draft boards in May due to enormous power potential, but otherwise quite raw. High-reward type, but with high bust potential. Chipola JC commitment.

2) Roman Quinn, OF, Florida HS: 80-level speed, also has a strong throwing arm, not quite as raw as you might think, though power potential may be limited by his size (5-9, 165). Florida State recruit.

2) Harold Martinez, 3B, Miami: Interesting pick. Martinez was well-regarded in high school for his power and defensive potential, but a shaky senior year hurt his stock and he ended up in college. He never really blossomed for the Hurricanes, and is still an enigma to scouts, with obvious tools but very erratic results. Hit 21 homers last year but just three with the new bats this year. .301/.387/.392 overall.

3) Adam Morgan, LHP, Alabama: Standard finesse lefty at 88-90, good changeup, average breaking ball. Possible fourth starter. 4.64 ERA, 77/26 K/BB in 97 IP, 104 hits.

4) Cody Asche, 3B, Nebraska: Impressive bat with strong plate discipline, above average power. Good arm, but defense is otherwise mediocre and he may move to first base or corner outfield. Hit .327/.424/.639, 12 homers, 34 walks.

5) Mitchell Walding, SS, California HS: Positives: great makeup, good swing from the left side, good plate discipline, enough arm for shortstop. Negatives: Oregon commitment, range may not be good enough for shortstop, average speed, power untapped.

6) Zach Wright, C, East Carolina: Decent defender, has power in his bat but strikes out a lot. .272/.376/.518, 13 homers, 59 Ks. Threw out 44% of runners.

7) Kenny Giles, RHP, Yavapai JC: Mid-90s fastball, needs development with his slider and splitter, raw but promising, fits well into Phillies system. Committed to Arizona.

8) Austin Wright, LHP, Mississippi: Big 6-4, 235 lefty, once a top prospect out of Illinois high school ranks, but stagnated in college for Chipola JC and Ole Miss. Still hits 94 MPH on good days, but erratic breaking ball and spotty command limit his success. Deep sleeper, but seems like the kind of guy the Phillies could do something with. 4.73 ERA, 67/25 K/BB in 70 IP, 79 hits.

9) Logan Moore, C, Northeastern Junior College: Rare college prospect from Colorado, son of former major league pitcher Brad Moore, good arm, raw on both offense and defense. University of Tennessee commitment.

10) Jake Overbey, SS, Tennessee HS: Good athlete, although raw as a player, typical Phillies suggestion. May take over-slot money to get him away from Mississippi commitment.

OTHERS OF NOTE: SS Tyler Greene (11th round, Florida HS) has second round tools but concerns about his bat and Georgia commitment hurt his stock. RHP Colton Murray (13th round, Kansas) is a successful college reliever with a 92-94 MPH fastball and a good slider. OF Ryan Garvey (15th round, California HS) is the son of Steve Garvey and has a solid bat, but is strongly committed to Southern Cal. C Riley Moore (21st round, California HS) has third round tools but a strong Arizona commitment.

SUMMARY: As they usually do, the Phillies focused mainly on upside and tools with less interest in polish, though they did pick up a few interesting college guys like Morgan, Asche and Zach Wright. Austin Wright (no relation) has good upside for an eighth round pick and has sleeper potential. L. Greene/Quinn/Martinez in the top three spots is a risky combination with high bust potential. It would help if they can add in some of the tougher signs like T. Greene, Garvey, or Moore.