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Dellin Betances vs. Jarred Cosart Final Poll Question

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Jarred Cosart (photo by Al Messerschmidt, Getty Images)
Jarred Cosart (photo by Al Messerschmidt, Getty Images)

The poll question voting between Dellin Betances and Jarred Cosart is extremely close.

With Taylor Guerrieri suspending his campaign, it comes down to Betances and Cosart in the South Carolina primary. . .I mean the voting, to determine which young pitcher is the better prospect according to Minor League Ball readers.

Both pitchers are Grade B prospects for me. I asked this question because the final spot on the Top 50 pitching prospects list came down to either Betances, Cosart, or Guerrieri. I already made my decision and it can't be changed, but I don't want to influence your thinking (yet) and I will reveal it after we have a few days of voting and discussion here.

So, Betances or Cosart? Cosart or Betances? Both have huge upside. Both have question-marks. Who is the better prospect?