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Welcome Matt Garrioch to Minor League Ball

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Welcome Matt Garrioch

We talk a lot about the baseball draft here at Minor League Ball, and we're about to do that even more.

Matt Garrioch of is joining Minor League Ball to provide baseball draft coverage. I will still be doing my own draft pieces, but now there are two of us covering this, and Matt has a huge amount of knowledge to share. We don't always have the same opinions about things, but diversity of opinion is a good thing! This won't reduce our minor league or draff coverage at all; it adds additional content.

Nothing that you like will change: we will still be doing the Community Mock Draft, and I'll still be writing my own draft pieces and doing the Shadow Draft, but adding Matt to the mix brings in another strong voice and is a huge step towards making Minor League Ball the best baseball prospect site on the web. So everyone, say "Hi!" to Matt.