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I am working on the Top 50 Hitters and Top 50 Pitchers list. The pitchers I have a good grasp on, but for some reason the hitters seem much harder than normal to work with this year.

I've got the top eight ranked but after that it starts getting very tough. I think we are going to see a wide variety in rankings after the obvious top group from the various pundits this year.

I will be doing an integrated Top 100 list for SB Nation/Minor League Ball this year. That will be even more problematic, but people want to see it, so, so be it. I will do monthly updates on that as the season progresses.

My current goal is to have all grades finalized by Monday morning, then next week i will update all of the organization Top 20 lists to account for trades. Then we will proceed to a ranking of organizations.

Some community members in the Fanposts section have been taking the preliminary grades and making farm system rankings out of them. I think that is a worthy exercise, although the exact results depend on what formula you use to weight grades. When I do the actual system rankings, part of it will be based on that type of method, but not entirely.