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Trade Reactions, Part Four

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Trade Reaction, Part Four

The White Sox picked up Edwin Jackson from the Diamondbacks for Dan Hudson and David Holmberg. Jackson has a great arm but is a mediocre pitcher at this point. I like Dan Hudson a lot, and frankly his chance to pitch well down the stretch is just as good as Jackson's, if not better. Holmberg is a decent Grade C+ pitching prospect. I don't like this trade from the White Sox perspective at all. There are rumors that Jackson was supposed to be flipped to another team but it didn't happen, so as it stands I think this is a bad trade for Chicago.

The Rangers picked up Cristian Guzman from the Nationals in exchange for Ryan Tatsuko and Tanner Roark. Guzman had no future in Washington but provides some additional experience for the Texas bench. Both Tatsuko and Roark are Grade C pitching prospects who might be useful utility pitchers at the major league level. Fair trade for both teams I think, the Nats picking up a couple of extra low-upside arms in exchange for a mediocre veteran.

The Diamondbacks traded Chris Snyder and Pedro Ciriaco, plus cash, to the Pirates for D.J. Carrasco, Ryan Church, and Bobby Crosby. Basically this is a swap of spare parts. Snyder had no future in Arizona and Ciriaco can't hit. Church and Crosby are veteran bench players, and Carrasco is a decent reliever. This trade seems unlikely to help or hinder either team much in the long run, a wash basically.

More to come.