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Morning Notes, March 1, 2010

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**Today is March 1st, the beginning of meteorological spring and (in my mind) the official beginning of baseball season. Soon we'll have some spring training numbers to analyze and roster contests to track.

**Cheesecake warning for those of you at work. Take Heed. You have been warned.

**Several people in the "Minor League Ball Apparel" thread commented that the current logo sucks. The logo is five years old and we need to upgrade it; I'm thinking of something more understated, classic-looking, and less cartoony. There are some other significant enhancements for the website in the early planning stages as well. Stay tuned, Minor League Ball is just going to get better.

**I'm hoping to get a trip down to the University of Texas for some baseball around March 12-13th, but that's not set in stone yet.

**Things I know I will write about soon: Prospect Retros for Albert Pujols and Jason Bay, Not a Rookies for Chris Young, Alex Gordon, Everth Cabrera, and Daniel Murphy.

For your viewing pleasure: Denise Milani