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I've finally gone through the video clips from my trip. I'm an extreme amateur with a camera, and I don't tape entire games at this point. I find working with the camera distracting and I end up spending too much time concentrating on the camera and not enough time concentrating on the players and the game.

Most of the clips are incredibly boring, or marred by a shaky camera or bad lighting to the point they would induce nausea or epilepsy. However, a few are semi-interesting, so here you go. Even these aren't overly exciting, but at least you can see some players that people like to talk about. 

dedunovsweeks (via MinorLeagueBall)

In the first video, you get to see Sam Deduno against Jemile Weeks. It's boring but you get some view of both players.

In the second video, you get to see Matt Spencer's batting stance and interesting footwork.

mattspencer (via MinorLeagueBall)

Here is Tulsa closer Andrew Johnston's delivery from a side view.

andrewjohnston (via MinorLeagueBall)

In this one, Pedro Strop of Frisco strikes out Dan Mayora of Tulsa.

stropfansmayora (via MinorLeagueBall)

Here is Brandon Wood against Elizardo Ramirez.

brandonwoodelizardoramirez (via MinorLeagueBall)

And finally, Justin Smoak and Chris Davis hit against Brad Salmon.

smoakanddavisagainstsalmon (via MinorLeagueBall)