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Scouting Report: Frisco Roughriders

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Frisco Roughriders Scouting Report

I saw Frisco play Tulsa on August 13th. Here are my impressions.

Brennan Garr, RHP
    Ninth round pick in 2006 out of Northern Colorado, 4.29 ERA with 35/24 K/BB in 42 innings this year. Threw two shutout relief innings on the 13th, showing a 92-94 MPH fastball and a decent breaking ball. He threw strikes in this outing but has had command troubles in other games. Certainly the stuff for success is here, he just needs to be more consistent.

Craig Gentry, CF
    10th round pick in 2006 from the University of Arkansas, hitting .304/.380/.425 with 45 steals in 50 attempts, 45 walks, 56 strikeouts in 473 at-bats. He had a great game, going 1-for-3 with a walk and two runs scored, also making two excellent defensive plays in center field. Gentry can fly and looks like he has a touch of power in his bat, though he's not a huge home run guy. He does control the zone well and makes contact. I could see him as a solid fourth outfielder, though at age 25 his spot on the age curve is not ideal.

Kasey Kiker, LHP
     3.77 ERA with a 118/62 K/BB in 122 innings, 103 hits allowed. Didn't have a great game, allowing six runs in five innings, on four walks and five hits. He threw 90-94 MPH with the fastball, but at the upper ranges of his velocity his command got worse. His breaking ball had a lot of bite, but he struggled to locate it. His mechanics were okay but not as smooth and consistent as Tulsa mound opponent Brandon Durden, though Kiker has much better stuff. Overall Kiker looked like a very talented young pitcher who was having problems with his release point in this game.

Ian Kinsler, 2B
    On rehab assignment for a hamstring injury, went 0-for-5 in the game I saw. The normal Kinsler bat speed was there, but he was having trouble reading pitches due to rust it looked like. Back with the Rangers now.

Marcus Lemon, DH
    Was playing DH so Ian Kinsler could play second base. Lemon is hitting .266/.332/.342 on the season, and didn't do much on the 13th, going 0-for-4 and just poking at the ball weakly. His swing looked okay mechanically but didn't have a lot of strength behind it. Obviously I got no read on his dense, though he looks like a decent athlete overall. At age 21 he still has some development potential and everyone likes his makeup.

Mitch Moreland, RF
    Hitting .326/.373/.488, went 2-for-4 in this game, but fouled a ball off his foot in the ninth inning, breaking a bone and ending his season. Positives: I thought he had good bat speed and a polished approach, and he showed off a strong throwing arm. Negatives: "bad body' as scouts would say, very stocky at 6-2, 230, lacks running speed and athleticism.

Renny Osuna, SS
    Venezuelan shortstop, 24 years old, hitting .269/.329/.301 in 56 games. Athletic and very quick with his hands and feet. Although he hit a double in this game, I didn't think he looked very strong or threatening with the bat, making contact but usually not hitting the ball particularly hard. His glove looked good though.

Pedro Strop, RHP
    4.38 ERA with 48/29 K/BB in 51 innings, 48 hits allowed. Excellent stuff, hitting 94-95 MPH in this game, with movement. He was promoted to Triple-A a couple of days later.

Chad Tracy, 1B
     Third round pick in 2006 out  of Pepperdine, hitting .277/.329/.495 with 24 homers, 37 walks, 86 strikeouts in 469 at-bats. Looked great in this game, going 2-for-5 with two homers. Lots of power in this bat, though not a huge amount of athleticism. The numbers indicate so-so strike zone judgment, though he did fine controlling the zone in the game I saw.

Corey Young, LHP
    12th round pick in 2008 out of Seton Hall, 8.10 ERA with 13/9 K/BB in 13 innings for Frisco. Fastball 87 MPH in this game, though he hit 90 in college. Decent curveball. Needs to polish up his command, but I thought he had enough deception in his delivery and with his curve that he could be a usable LOOGY eventually.