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Final Shadow Draft list

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Well the final draft results for my Minnesota Twins Shadow Draft this year are in, and show everyone important except second rounder Jake Barrett and 10th rounder Drew Madrigal signing. Barrett was a third round pick of the Jays in reality but didn't sign. Madrigal went to the Padres in the 11th round but didn't sign. Given that my fifth round pick Zach Von Rosenberg signed with the Pirates in real life (sixth round) for over $1 million, I don't mind missing out on Barrett, as much as I like him. I do wonder if Barrett would have turned down second round money if he had gone that high, but we'll go ahead and say that he didn't sign.

Final list below the fold.

1) Jared Mitchell, OF, LSU.  Can't pass up the tools.
1S)  Matt Bashore, LHP, Indiana Univresity:  I like this Real Twins pick and will stick with it.
3) Ben Tootle, RHP, Jacksonville State:  This guy was on my short list for the third round, so this is a real pick I will stick with.
4) Derek McCallum, 2B, Minnesota:  Love this real Twins pick. Will stick with it.
5) Zach Von Rosenberg, RHP, Louisiana HS: Will take a chance on the signability.
6) Carlos Ramirez, C, Arizona State
7) D'Angelo Mack, OF, South Carolina
8) Brian Dozier, SS, Southern Mississsipi
9) Carlos Ruiz, RHP, Long Beach State
11) Alex Koronis, RHP, University of Tampa
12) Pat Lehmann, RHP, George Washington University
13) Nick Greenwood, LHP, Rhode Island
14) Ryan Robowski, LHP, Ohio Dominican
15) Dave Sever, RHP, St. Louis University
16) Dakota Watts, RHP, Cal State Stanislaus
17) Scott Krieger, OF, George Mason University
18) Luke Merton, 1B, Georgia Tech
19) Devin Goodwin, SS, Delta State University
20) Sean Killen, C, Trinity College (Conn)
21) Mike Fiers, RHP, Nova Southeastern
22) Zach Von Tersch, RHP, Georgia Tech
23) Kevin Mahoney, 3B, Canisius