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REMINDER: Mock Draft, Saturday June 6, 2009

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REMINDER: the Minor League Ball Mock Draft begins Saturday, June 6th, at 12 noon CENTRAL TIME.. Mock Organization Directors should try to get here about 11:45 CENTRAL so we can take roll call and start on time.

THE WAY IT WORKS: At noon I will open a thread for the first round. The draft takes place in the comments section. I will announce in the comments which team is on the clock. The person on the clock should then make their pick in this format:  "Angels pick Tyler Skaggs, LHP, California HS".  I will then confirm the pick, put it on the front page, then say who the next team on the clock is.

We will go three rounds including the Astros at supplemental third, 111 picks overall. I keep things moving pretty quickly. If someone does not show up, or disappears, or fails to make a selection, I will make one for the team and then move on.