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Sleeper Alert Review, Part Four

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Sleeper Alert Review, Part Four

   Finishing up the Sleeper Alert review today with the last 11.

Bryan Petersen, OF, Marlins
    23 year old outfielder. Hit 23 homers and stole 23 bases last year between three levels, but has hit just .269/.343/.332 this year for Double-A Jacksonville, suffering a significant power outage. He's stolen 10 bases, but what happened to the power?

Stolmy Pimentel, RHP, Red Sox
     19 year old right-hander, 6-3, 2.27 with a 55/16 K/BB in 63 innings for Class A Greenville, with 74 hits allowed. He's throwing strikes and pitching quite well overall, if being somewhat hittable. Have to count this one as a success though.   

Jon Michael Redding, RHP, Dodgers
     21 year old right-hander, 9-2, 4.46 with a 56/22 K/BB in 71 innings for Class A Great Lakes, 74 hits allowed. Interesting splits with this one: 1.80 ERA at home, 7.07 on the road. Has a good sinking fastball and decent control, but is still refining his secondary pitches.

Carlos Rivero, SS, Indians
     21 years old, hitting .196/.277/.258 for Double-A Akron. He is maintaining decent strike zone judgment and a low strikeout rate, but hasn't maintained the momentum he gained last year with a .300/.371/.474 second half at Kinston. Obviously a very disappointing season. He's likely had some bad luck on balls in play, but still. . .you can't call this a success at all.

Cody Scarpetta, RHP, Brewers
    20 years old, 1-6 but a 3.99 ERA with a 58/27 K/BB in 47 innings for Class A Wisconsin, 44 hits allowed. He needs to improve his control, but his K/IP is a big positive and projects a bright future.

Scott Shaw, RHP, Mets
    22 years old, 2-4, 3.63 with a 59/26 K/BB in 72 innings for St. Lucie, 65 hits allowed. Decent but not excellent performance, not breaking through but not exactly bad pitching, either. Has an 88-93 MPH fastball, good slider and changeup.

Will Smith, LHP, Angels
     19 years old, 4-3, 3.69 with a 59/14 K/BB in 63 innings for Class A Cedar Rapids, 62 hits allowed. Throwing strikes, K/IP and H/IP ok, not dominating like he did in the Pioneer League but is another guy who is holding his own.

Hunter Strickland, RHP, Red Sox
    20 years old, 4-4, 2.98 with a 41/7 K/BB in 63 innings for Greenville, 66 hits allowed. Excellent command and control as shown by strong K/BB ratio. K/IP and H/IP are less impressive, but like teammate Pimentel I count this as a success right now.

Arodys Vizcaino, RHP, Yankees
    18 years old, just activated from extended spring and pitching for Staten Island in the New York-Penn League, 14/3 K/BB in 8.1 innings so far, eight hits allowed and has given up seven runs, six unearned. Too early to tell anything yet, though I like the early strikeout rate.

Kyle Weiland, RHP, Red Sox
    22  years old, 2-6, 4.71 with a 50/31 K/BB in 65 innings for Salem in the Carolina League, 65 hits allowed. Unimpressive thus far, gets grounders but really needs to improve his command going forward.

Joe Wieland, RHP, Rangers
    19 years old, 2.49 ERA with a 17/6 K/BB in 22 innings for Class A Hickory, 22 hits allowed. Activated in May so the sample is small right now, but he's performed reasonably well thus far.

The big failure here so far is Rivero; the others are either successful or I'm reserving judgment on them for now. Overall I think the sleeper list has turned out OK. We'll know more after the end of the season, and will review it again at that time.