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Comparing the Phillies and the Yankees

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Here is a comparison of the Philadelphia and New York World Series rosters:

Phillies Roster Breakdown: 25 Players
Acquired by Trades or Waivers: 8 (32%)
Phillies Farm System Products:  8  (32%)
Major League Free Agents:   8  (32%)
Rule 5:  1  (4%.)

Yankees Roster Breakdown: 25 players
Acquired by Trades or Waivers: 7  (28%)
Yankees Farm System Products:  12 (48%)
Major League Free Agents:  6  (24%)
Rule 5:  0.

Phillies Origins Breakdown:
North American High School Draftees: 6   (24%)
Junior College Draftees:   2    (8%)
Four-Year College Draftees:   9   (36%)
Undrafted North Americans:   2   (8%)
Latin Free Agents: 5   (20%)
Asian Free Agents: 1   (4%)

Yankees Origin Breakdown:
North American High School Draftees:   9   (36%)
Junior College Draftees:   2  (8%)
Four Year College Draftees:  6  (24%)
Undrafted North Americans:  0
Latin Free Agents:  7  (28%)
Asian Free Agents:  1  (4%)

The current Phillies roster was constructed one-third via trade, one-third via the farm system, and one-third via major league free agents. The Yankees, in contrast, have almost half of the current roster (48%) developed via the farm system, with the other 52% by trade or free agent. If you want to count Andy Pettitte as a farm system product, flip those two numbers. I would note that farm products Jeter, Rivera, and Posada were developed by the system in the 1990s, a long time ago, but that important bullpen components of the pitching staff such as Chamberlain, Hughes, Coke, and Robertson are recent products.

In terms of ultimate origin, the Phillies roster is more college-oriented than the Yankees roster. The Phllies have five former first round picks (Hamels, Werth,Blanton, Lidge, Utley) while the Yankees have six (Hughes, Sabathia, Jeter, Rodriguez, Swisher, Teixeira) plus two supplemental first round picks (Chamberlain, Damon).  The lowest draft picks were Ibanez (36th round) and Gaudin (34th round).

Finally, combining both clubs to get the 50 players in the World Series this year,

Combining Both Rosters: 50 players
Acquired by Trades or Waivers:  15  (30%)
Developed by Farm Systems:    20  (40%)
Signed as Major League Free Agent:  14  (28%)
Rule 5: 1  (2%)

North American High School Draftees:   15  (30%)
Junior College Draftees:   4  (8%)
Four-Year College Draftees:   15  (30%)
Undrafted North Americans:   2  (4%)
Latin Free Agents:  12  (24%)
Asian Free Agents:   2   (4%)