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Oakland Athletics Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was originally published January 2nd, 2008. THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST. THIS IS AN OLD LIST!!!!!!!

1) Carlos Gonzalez, OF, Grade B+
    .293/.351/.439 for Triple-A Sacramento, .265/.302/.407 for Oakland. He should improve.
2) Daric Barton, 1B, Grade B+
     ,218/.319/.311 for Oakland. Proof that plate discipline isn't everything. He needs to watch out because there are other 1B prospects on his heels.
3) Brett Anderson, LHP, Grade B+
     1.80 ERA with 29/8 K/BB in 25 innings since being promoted to Double-A Midland. On a roll right now.
4) Chris Carter, 1B, Grade B+
     .262/.361/.561 with 29 homers for Class A Stockton. Very high strikeout rate, but draws walks and has tons of power.
5) James Simmons, RHP, Grade B
     3.54 ERA with 94/22 K/BB in 107 innings, 112 hits allowed for Double-A Midland. Strong command, doing well in Double-A, like the K/BB.
6) Henry Alberto Rodriguez, RHP, Grade B 
     Was hammered due to control problems in Double-A trial, but 4.16 with 92/38 K/BB in 67 innings in the Cal League. Excellent stuff, but obviously command is an issue.
7) Trevor Cahill, RHP, Grade B-
      2.78 ERA, 103/31 K/BB in 87 innings for Stockton, 2.19 ERA with 33/19 K/BB in 37 innings for Midland. Ratios have slipped a bit in Double-A but are still impressive overall.
8) Aaron Cunningham, OF, Grade B-
     .320/.388/.510 with 12 steals for Midland. Not great plate discipline, but does a lot of other things well.
9) Corey Brown, OF, Grade B-
      .270/.358/.483 with 12 steals and 14 homers in 84 games for Kane County in the Midwest League. But .213/.278/.483 mark at Stockton, with 43 strikeouts in 21 games, shows the need for much more polish.
10) Andrew Bailey, RHP, Grade B-
       5.14 ERA with 87/51 K/BB in 89 innings for Midland, 81 hits allowed. Strong K/IP and H/IP, but command has slipped this year.
11) Sean Doolittle, 1B, Grade B-
       .305/.385/.560 mark at Stockton was strong, but .245/.294/.422 mark at Midland shows the difference in competition. Strike zone judgment has gotten much worse in Double-A.
12) Javier Herrera, OF, Grade C+
       .281/.352/.397 for Midland. Not sure what to make of him any more, other than he looks pretty mediocre. High strikeout rate.
13) Dan Meyer, LHP, Grade C+
        4.48 ERA with 109/52 K/BB in 123 innings for Sacramento, 113 hits allowed. Not bad for the PCL, but getting old.
14) Greg Smith, LHP, Grade C+
      4.04 ERA with 84/56 K/BB in 127 innings for Oakland, 108 hits allowed. Nice rookie season. Would like to see walk rate come down.
15) Sam Demel, RHP, Grade C+
      3.60 ERA with 16 saves, 75/29 K/BB in 55 innings for Stockton. Strong K/IP and a ground ball tendency are nice attributes.
16) Andrew Carignan, RHP, Grade C+   
      2.11 ERA with 18 saves, 46/32 K/BB in 38 innings for Midland. Good season, but the walk rate will have to come down at higher levels.
17) Grant Desme, OF, Grade C+
      On injury rehab in the AZL Rookie League.
18) Travis Banwart, RHP, Grade C+
        Was dominating at Kane County. Promoted to Stockton, 4.26 ERA with 32/24 K/BB in 38 innings, 39 hits allowed. Ratios are much weaker in the Cal League.
19) Josh Horton, SS, Grade C+
      .285/.361/.335 for Stockton. Not much power.
20) Jermaine Mitchell, OF, Grade C 
      .242/.343/.360 with 20 steals for Stockton. Draws some walks, but power hasn't blossomed as hoped.

This is a pretty good group. Add in guys like Craig Italiano and Vince Mazzaro who took big steps forward, plus all the prospects acquired in trades recently, plus returns from the 2008 draft, and you have a system that is suddenly flush with prospects again. The turnaround from a couple of years ago has been remarkable.