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Cleveland Indians Top 20 Prospects in Review

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This list was originally posted January 14th, 2008.  THIS IS NOT A NEW LIST!! THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE OLD LIST AND OLD GRADES!!!!

1) Adam Miller, RHP, Grade B
     1.88 ERA with 20/12 K/BB in 29 innings for Triple-A Buffalo, before going on the DL, his home away from home, with a finger injury. He's a Grade A- when healthy but can't seem to stay that way.
2) Chuck Lofgren, LHP, Grade B
      5.33 ERA with 70/46 K/BB in 79 innings for Double-A Akron, 81 hits allowed. Has pitched much better after moving to relief recently, but overall this is not a good season.
3) Beau Mills, 3B-1B, Grade B
     .294/.377/.502 for Class A Kinston. An impressive season. Should he move up to B+ for 2009?
4) Josh Rodriguez, SS, Grade B
     .254/.347/.379 for Double-A Akron, 69 walks, 113 strikeouts, 11 steals in 472 at-bats. I think he could do a bit better than that in the future.
5) Wes Hodges, 3B, Grade B-
     .280/.351/.427 for Akron. Power production may not be enough.
6) Brad Snyder, OF, Grade B-
     .251/.305/.428 for Buffalo, 106 strikeouts in 102 games. I stuck with him too long, his hitting skills haven't developed like I'd hoped and have gone backwards in some ways.
7) Jensen Lewis, RHP, Grade B-
     3.99 RA with 33/22 K/BB in 47 innings for the Indians. A competent reliever who should put up similar numbers going forward.
8) Jared Goedert, 3B, Grade B-
     .264/.342/.382 at Kinston. Good plate discipline, but unable to live up to gaudy 2007 numbers in the Sally League.
9) Trevor Crowe, OF, Grade C+
      Finally got bat going in Double-A, .323/.404/.485 with 13 steals in 49 games. .247/.344/.457 numbers in Triple-A aren't as good but aren't terrible. Fourth outfielder?
10) Jon Drennen, OF, Grade C+
     .230/.303/.312 for Kinston. Not developing at all.
11) Aaron Laffey, LHP, Grade C+
      2.35 ERA with 38/14 K/BB in 46 innings for Buffalo, 4.23 with 43/31 K/BB in 94 innings for the Indians. Low strikeout rate in the majors is worrisome but he gets grounders. Fourth starter.
12) David Huff, LHP, Grade C+
       1.92 ERA with 62/14 K/BB in 66 innings for Akron, 2.94 ERA with 65/10 K/BB in 64 innings for Buffalo. Very efficient strike-thrower with K/IP of a power pitcher. Good health is the best news.
13) Nick Weglarz, OF, Grade C+
      .273/.440/.440 for Kinston. Good strike zone judgment, power should improve. I like him.
14) Scott Lewis, LHP, Grade C+
      2.33 ERA with 61/9 K/BB in 73 innings, 62 hits for Akron. Just promoted to Buffalo, killed in first start. I like him if he can stay healthy, which has been a problem.
15) Matthew McBride, C, Grade C+
      HIt .175 in 16 games for Kinston, now on rehab in the Gulf Coast League rehabbing labrum.
16) Jordan Brown, 1B, Grade C+
      .282/.338/.407 for Buffalo. Power too marginal for first base.
17) Paolo Espino, RHP, Grade C+
       Killed as a starter at Kinston, 8.49 ERA with weak peripherals. Much better in relief at Lake County, 2.88 ERA with 25/7 K/BB in 25 innings.
18) Generalissimo Ben Francisco, Caudillo de Cleveland, OF, Grade C+
       .283/.342/.467 for the Indians. Wish I had rated him higher on this list, as I've liked him as a sleeper prospect for a long time.
19) Adam Davis, 2B, Grade C
       .198/.295/.318 combined for Kinston and Lake County. Obviously this isn't going to get it done.
20) T.J. McFarland, LHP, Grade C
        4.63 ERA with 33/12 K/BB in 47 innings, 58 hits for the GCL Indians. Not a lot to get excited about either way here, but he's very young.

Lofgren could be very nice as a reliever; something was sure wrong with him earlier this year. Miller is great but has singlehandedly driven health insurance premiums in the US up 4% by himself. Mills and the newly-acquired Matt LaPorta will rank at the top of the list next year. Ben Francisco is a fine, fine player, helping take the sting out of the apparent development failures of Drennen and Snyder.