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Colorado Rockies Top 20 Prospects for 2008

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Colorado Rockies Top 20 Prospects for 2008

  1. Franklin Morales, LHP, Grade A-
  2. Casey Weathers, RHP, Grade B+
  3. Ian Stewart, 3B, Grade B
  4. Hector Gomez, SS, Grade B
  5. Christopher Nelson, SS, Grade B
  6. Dexter Fowler, OF, Grade B-
  7. Greg Reynolds, RHP, Grade B- (Would rank higher but worried about health)
  8. Juan Morillo, RHP, Grade B-
  9. Brandon Hynick, RHP, Grade B-
  10. Seth Smith, OF, Grade B-
  11. Eric Young Jr, 2B, Grade B-
  12. Dan Mayora, INF, Grade B-
  13. Brian Rike, OF, Grade B-
  14. Pedro Strop, RHP, Grade C+ (tough grade, could be B-)
  15. Chaz Roe, RHP, Grade C+ (arm to rank higher but command??)
  16. Joe Koshansky, 1B, Grade C+
  17. Will Harris, RHP, Grade C+
  18. Aneury Rodriguez, RHP, Grade C+
  19. Connor Graham, RHP, Grade C+
  20. Jhoulys Chacin, RHP, Grade C+
Others included are Tommy Baumgardner, Bruce Billings, Darren Clarke, Christian Colonel, Jeff Cunningham, Lars Davis, Sam Deduno, Robison Fabian, Jon Herrera, Darin Holcomb, Alan Johnson, Cory Riordan, Helder Velazquez, and Keith Weiser.

Several borderline B-/C+ cases that are difficult to grade in the 10-16 range. I remain partial to Seth Smith.

Again, don't get all pissy about exact placement on this list. The grades are more important than someone being ranked 15th instead of 13th.

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