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Some Book Excerpts

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Some excerpts from the 2009 Baseball Prospect Book. Note that in the book, each player comment will be accompanied by full statistics from the last two-three seasons, including college stats when appropriate.

Sawyer Carroll, OF, San Diego Padres
Bats: L    Throws: R     HT: 6-4     WT: 210   DOB: May 9, 1986

The Padres drafted Carroll in the supplemental third round last year, from the University of Kentucky. He was very successful in college, and he continued to hit well in the Northwest League after signing (OPS +33 percent). However, his strikeout rate at Eugene was rather high, and a late trial in the Midwest League resulted in poor numbers. People who like Carroll say he is a polished hitter with good strike zone judgment and at least decent power, who is fundamentally sound and makes the most out of average tools. People who don’t like Carroll say he’s an aluminum bat hitter who will struggle against better pitching, and that Midwest League pitchers exposed his lack of genuinely good bat speed. The jury is still out on this, given the sample size, but he’s shown the ability to make adjustments before. Grade C for now.

Dexter Carter, RHP, Chicago White Sox

Bats: R    Throws: R     HT: 6-6    WT: 195   DOB: February 5, 1987


SLEEPER ALERT!! Dexter Carter pitched horribly for Old Dominion during the spring of 2008, but the White Sox saw potential and selected him in the 13th round anyway. They made some mechanical adjustments, then sent him to the Pioneer League, where he was a completely different pitcher. His command was awful in college, but it was much better at Great Falls, as he threw strikes much more consistently with his 90-93 MPH fastball. His curveball and changeup still need some work, but the turnaround was impossible to ignore, and he was particularly effective in his last few starts, giving up just one run in his last 18 innings. Carter will have to prove he can maintain this at higher levels, but he’s definitely a pitcher of interest. I don’t want to go higher than Grade C without more data, but he’s certainly got higher potential and should be on your sleeper list.


Allen Craig, 3B, St. Louis Cardinals

Bats: R    Throws: R     HT: 6-2     WT: 190   DOB: July 18, 1984


I like Allen Craig a lot and had him as a big sleeper last year. I’m actually taking a bit of a risk with him, as the statistical case for him is not conclusive. His numbers at Double-A Springfield are solid, but they aren’t exceptional. His OPS was +14 percent, which is good but not terrific, and MLEs don’t like him that much, projecting him as just a .250 hitter right now with only moderate power. Having seen him in person, I think he can get beyond that. Although his walk rate is not great, he controls the strike zone well and doesn’t strike out much, and shows pop to all fields. When I’ve seen him, he’s handled both fastballs and breaking stuff well. He has a decent arm, but his range at third base is unimpressive. The Cardinals have used him in the outfield to enhance his versatility. He is reliable enough out there, but again lack of range is a problem. I’m not sure how they will use Craig, but I still like his bat. Grade C+.

The book this year has comments on 1117 players, the most ever.