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Prospect Tidbit/Name the Prospect!

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Today we have a combination feature, a cross between "Prospect Tidbit" and "Name the Prospect!"

Jeff Clement: In his first four games since moving up to the Midwest League, first-round pick Clement is 2-for-17 (.118) for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, with two walks and four strikeouts. He started his pro career at Everett in the Northwest League, where he played four games, going 3-for-11 with a double. All of which means absolutely nothing. I mean, obviously it would be better if he was 8-for-17 or something, but two four-game sample sizes are meaningless. I write this because I got an email from a Mariners fan this morning "worrying about Clement's slow start."

If anyone is worried, just remember that the guy who did this in his pro debut out of college:

54 games, 201 at-bats, .254 average, 11 doubles, 1 homer, .333 SLG now a superstar.

Name that guy!