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Socratic Scouting: Jake Odorizzi's mechanics

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We are going to start an experimental feature today and we need your help. We'll call it Socratic Scouting. This is the opposite of much baseball punditry of course. Stealing a line from Wikipedia,

This approach is based on the belief that participants seek and gain deeper understanding of concepts through thoughtful dialogue rather than memorizing information that has been provided for the them.

We have many highly intelligent and informed readers and contributors here at Minor League Ball. We're all baseball fans of course but some of us have particularly detailed or specialized knowledge about aspects of the game that not all of us share.

This is particularly true when it comes to on-field issues like pitching mechanics. I know a little about this but I've never had formal scout training or much coaching experience so my understanding of mechanics is not especially detailed. However, that's not true for some of you. We have some ex-players and experienced coaches here (we also have some scout and front office types too but they usually lurk and stay quiet) who know a great deal about mechanics and deliveries. . .or who at least think they do.

So what I want to do is take a few current major league pitchers and talk about their mechanics. We will start with Jake Odorizzi of the Tampa Bay Rays.

What do you see here? His delivery has always looked pretty clean to me but let's have our resident pitching mechanic experts weight in. Yea or nay on Odorizzi? What do you like and what do you not like?

Let's teach each other.