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Scouting report on Mets prospect Kevin Canelon

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A scouting report on Kevin Canelon

Canelon delivers in an earlier game this season for Brooklyn.
Canelon delivers in an earlier game this season for Brooklyn.

Kevin Canelon, P

Born: 1/16/1994

Bats: Left Throws: Left

Height: 6’1 Weight 175

Date scouted:: 8/20/15

Origin: Signed out of Venezuela in 2010

Affiliate: Brooklyn Cyclones


Canelon throws from the 3B side of the rubber with a ¾ arm slot. The delivery is quick and repeated consistently. He starts with his hands at the belt and comes up to his shoulders before the ball is delivered to the plate. The late break of the hands hides the ball well from the hitter, allowing him to keep hitters off balance.


Kevin Canelon throws a FB that hits 87 consistently. His FB is located well both inside and away to the batter. There is room to gain some velocity on his FB if he uses his lower body more. He will not over power hitters with his FB, but has the command of it to throw it where he wants it.

Present Grade - 40


Canelon needs to improve his command of his SLD. It was left up a few times which in higher levels would not be missed. This is the pitch that needs the most work out of his three pitches. Canelon did show the ability to throw the SLD for strikes, but not consistent enough to make it a strength. Since he is still young, I think he can develop this pitch for the future.

Present Grade – 35


The changeup is commanded well and consistently thrown for strikes. It has a late sinking action that runs in on lefties and away from righties. This is Canelon’s go to out pitch, which keeps hitters out in front. As he develops more Canelon’s CH will only improve, which will be very beneficial for his arsenal.

Present Grade – 50


Ceiling: Spot starter

Floor: Organizational

Overall, Kevin Canelon is a crafty left-hander with solid control. What he lacks in velocity, he will make up for in command. More use of his legs will add even more power to his pitches and his age allows time for improvement. Canelon is a fly ball pitcher that keeps hitter out in front even though he does not pitch with high velocity. He is only 21, but with the necessary adjustments I think Canelon will be a spot starter or an arm out of the bullpen.

Overall Present Grade – 35