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Panic on The Streets of Chicago

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Most Comparable Pitchers to Mark Prior through Age 24

By Sim Score
Scott Sanderson (good pitcher but not durable)
Junior Thompson (good pitcher but career cut short by WW2)
Bob Welch (good pitcher but had some injuries in his 20s)
Scott Erickson (good pitcher but arm dead after 31)
Bill Gullickson (good pitcher, lost velocity in mid-20s)
Andy Benes (good pitcher, arm dead at 33)
Steve Carlton (Hall of Famer, durable)
Weldon Henley (good pitcher age 22-24, arm dead at 25)
Roger Clemens (Hall of Famer, durable)

Ralph Branca (good pitcher, arm dead at 26)
Don Wilson (good pitcher, killed (literally) at age 29)
Bill Singer (good pitcher, arm dead at 32)
Don Drysdale (Hall of Famer, finished at 32)
Lou Brissie (good pitcher, arm dead at 27)
Britt Burns (good pitcher, career over at 27)
Jim Maloney (good pitcher, arm dead at 29)
Jim Nash (good pitcher, arm dead at 26)
Steve Busby (good pitcher, arm dead at 26)