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Milwaukee Brewers Top 20 List

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Rickie Weeks

  1. Prince Fielder 1B A-
  2. Rickie Weeks 2B A-
  3. Jose Capellan RHP B+
  4. Herman Iribarren 2B B+
  5. Corey Hart OF B
  6. Ben Hendrickson RHP B
  7. Manny Parra LHP B
  8. Dana Eveland LHP B
  9. Nelson Cruz OF B-
  10. J.J. Hardy SS B-
  11. Mark Rogers RHP B-
  12. Dennis Sarfate RHP B-
  13. Brad Nelson 1B C+
  14. Dave Krynzel OF C+
  15. Yovani Gallardo RHP C+
  16. Lou Palmisano C C+ (grade change)
  17. Josh Baker RHP C+
  18. Carlos Villanueva RHP C+
  19. Josh Habel LHP C+
  20. Steve Sollmann 2B C
I'm more impressed with Rickie Weeks than many sabermetric-oriented analysts. I love his athleticism and quick bat, and I think he will hit much better in 2005. . .in other words, I think the scouts are right about him even if the numbers aren't that hot just yet.

There are a lot of questions once you get to Manny Parra, due to injuries in his case, and I'm open to the idea that he is overrated on this list. You can make a case that both he and Eveland should be Grade B-, with Nelson Cruz moving up to the seven spot.

I'm dropping Lou Palmisano's grade. I gave him a Grade B in the book, but in retrospect I think that is too high. I will drop it to C+ so I can move him behind Nelson and Krynzel. The B-/C+ class is large in this system, and the exact positioning of the players in those categories is hard to pin down, so don't sweat it if you think the guy at 17 really belongs at 14. The guy in the 20 slot, Steve Sollman, could move up quickly and should be regarded as a sleeper.