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Get To Know Me!!

Name: John Sickels
Born: January 5, 1968, in Des Moines, Iowa
Profession: Writer and baseball analyst
Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, European History and Philosophy, Northwest Missouri State, 1990
Master of Arts, European History, University of Kansas, 1993
Spouse: Jeri Sickels
Son: Nicholas Sickels
Pets: Toonces Sickels, Spot Sickels (cats), three albino gerbils
Favorite Team: Minnesota Twins (although not as fanatic as I used to be. Favorite Player: No one right now. Used to be Kirby Puckett. Before that Kent Hrbek. Before that, Mike Squires of all people.
Favorite Reading Material: Non-fiction: military history, politics, religion and spirituality
Non-Baseball Hobbies: Reading, Star Fleet Battles, computer strategy wargaming (War in the Pacific, Operational Art of War, etc.)
Baseball Publications: The Baseball Prospect Book (annual publication, self-published)
Bob Feller: Ace of the Greatest Generation (Potomac Books)
John Sickels Baseball Newsletter (email subscription service)
Non-Baseball Publications: Three fiction short stories for the Star Fleet Battles universe
Gurps Romulans role-playing sourcebook (spring 2005)