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Origins of 2014 All-Stars: American League pitchers

Felix Hernandez
Felix Hernandez
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I present this data every year. For 2014 we see a good showing from first round picks, from college pitchers, and arms from Japan. The two early draft high school pitchers were drafted 12 years ago.

American League Pitchers

Dellin Betances: Eighth round, Yankees, 2006, New York HS
Mark Buehrle:
38th round, White Sox, 1998, Jefferson College
Yu Darvish:
Free agent, Rangers, 2012, Japan

Sean Doolittle
Supplemental first round, Athletics, 2007, University of Virginia
Felix Hernandez:
Free agent, Mariners, 2002, Venezuela
Greg Holland:
10th round, Royals, 2007, Western Carolina University

Scott Kazmir
First round, Mets, 2002, Texas HS
Jon Lester:
Second round, Red Sox, 2002, Washington HS
Glen Perkins:
First round, Twins, 2004, University of Minnesota

David Price
First round, Rays, 2007, Vanderbilt University
Fernando Rodney: Free agent, Tigers, 1997, Dominican Republic
Chris Sale: First round, White Sox, 2010, Florida Gulf Coast University

Max Scherzer
First round, Diamondbacks, 2006, University of Missouri
Masahiro Tanaka: Free agent, Yankees, 2014, Japan
Koji Uehara:
Free agent, Orioles, 2009, Japan

International free agents: 5 (Japan 3, Dominican Republic 1, Venezuela 1)
High schools: 3
Four-year colleges: 6
Two-year colleges: 1

First round picks: 5
Supplemental picks: 1
Second round picks: 1
Third through 10th rounds: 2
Later than 10th round: 1