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Aaron Nola
Aaron Nola
Stacy Revere, Getty Images

Merry Christmas everyone! It's draft day. I'll be around all day for discussion and you can use this as a rumor thread so we can talk about all the ins and outs of what may or may not happen today. We'll also have Live Blogging of the draft itself while it happens, so stay tuned.

Here are some morning thoughts.

***I was working on a mock draft yesterday but late-day rumors invalidated most of what I'd written so I put off completion until this morning. I'm working on that and will have it later, but like most mock drafts it will be wrong.

***Lots of buzz last night that Texas fireballer Tyler Kolek was dropping and is no longer certain to be in the top three. I don't think assessments of his talent have actually changed, but war rooms tend to get more risk-adverse the closer to the draft you get, and whatever you think of Kolek, he does have an unusual risk profile.  I don't imagine he'll last past the top ten and he may still yet go very high.

***Some personal guesses on players who might go surprisingly high: Forrest Wall, Foster Griffin, and T'Quan Forbes from the high school ranks, Jake Stinnett, Aramis Garcia, and Eric Skogland from the college ranks.

***For Shadow Draft purposes with the Fake Twins at #5, my top three are Nick Gordon, Aaron Nola, and Mike Conforto in the order.