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Minor League Ball Community Discussions

Baltimore Orioles organization discussion

How quickly can this be turned around?

New York Mets organization discussion

Talking about the future in New York

Seattle Mariners organization discussion

Discussing the future in the Pacific northwest

Cincinnati Reds organization discussion

Let’s talk about the future of the Redlegs

Boston Red Sox organization discussion

Discuss the future of the World Champs

Minor League Ball update

Los Angeles Dodgers Organization discussion

Discuss the future of the NL champions

Kansas City Royals organization discussion

How bad is the situation here?

Atlanta Braves organization discussion

What’s not to like?

Minnesota Twins organization discussion for 2019

What does the future hold in Minnesota?

Updated thoughts on Philadelphia Phillies rookie Ranger Suarez

Minnesota Twins prospect Kohl Stewart: what do you make of him?

How good can this guy be?

What about July call-ups?

Community discussion: prospects you are not objective about

Know thyself. . .

You’re the GM! St. Louis Cardinals edition

Finishing up with the You’re the GM series. . .

You’re the GM! Pittsburgh Pirates edition

How would you lead this club?

You’re the GM! Milwaukee Brewers edition

Can you push to the top in 2019?

You’re the GM! Cincinnati Reds edition

How is the rebuild going?

You’re the GM! Chicago Cubs edition

Stay on top

You’re the GM! Los Angeles Angels edition

You’ve got some work to do here. . .

You’re the GM! Oakland Athletics edition

Keep pace with the Astros. . .

You’re the GM! Seattle Mariners edition

Can you maintain 2018 success?

You’re the GM! Texas Rangers edition

How bad is the situation?

You’re the GM! Houston Astros edition

Heavy lies the crown

You’re the GM! Washington Nationals edition

Change is coming

You’re the GM! Atlanta Braves edition

How do you stay on top?

You’re the GM! New York Mets edition

Turn this team around

You’re the GM! Miami Marlins edition

Can you do better than Derek Jeter?

You’re the GM! Kansas City Royals edition

How long does the new rebuild job take?

You’re the GM! Detroit Tigers edition

How do you restore lost glory?

You’re the GM! Cleveland Indians edition

How long can you stay in first place?

You’re the GM! Chicago White Sox edition

State of the rebuilding project?


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