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2014 MLB Draft: Day Three discussion

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Jordan Montgomery, drafted by the Yankees in the fourth round
Jordan Montgomery, drafted by the Yankees in the fourth round
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone. Today is Day Three of the 2014 MLB Draft. We'll be here all day to host discussion. Once the draft is done, I will work up my impressions of each draft class for each team, which will be the main work focus in the next few days. After that we'll return to normal operations, with a Top 150 Prospects list update for early July being the major large project on the agenda.

I will also be announcing some major news about the long-delayed 2014 Baseball Prospect Book. Don't worry, it is good news. Expect that news on Monday or Tuesday.

Anyway, the DRAFT! We saw a bunch of college seniors come off the board yesterday. Will that continue on Day Three, or will we see some higher-upside picks off the board that teams can pursue using bonus money saved with all the seniors that went yesterday? I imagine it will be a mix of both. I wonder if some clubs that went cheap in the draft are going to use that "player development" money aggressively in the Latin American market, bonus limits and penalties for 2015 be damned. That seems likely in the Yankees case.