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2014 MLB Draft: Southwest and Rockies

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Injuries and lack of depth make this region less than impressive but there is still some talent.

Fedde has recently went down with an elbow issue and will need Tommy John but that doesn't change the top of this list. Verdugo is a two way talent that may be a hitter, may be a pitcher. There isn't a lot of depth here this year. Castellani and Peterson are intriguing projection arms.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Erick Fedde P JR 40 55 Right Right 6'3" 180 2/25/93
Late riser sits low to mid 90's and can hit 96. Can throw slider for strikes and as a chase pitch. Could have an average change. Mid rotation arm ceiling, may be reliver w/o good change.
Alex Verdugo RF HS 35 55 Left Left 6'1" 200 5/15/96
Smooth bat. Athletic delivery. Very good all around player. Not sure if he's a hitter or pitcher. Corner guy without big power. Mid rotation upside as a pitcher. Just a solid player. May be better off in college to find his spot.
Ryan Castellani P HS 35 55 Right Right 6'4" 195 4/1/96
Easy delivery. Clean and simple producing 89-91 MPH fastball and there is likely a few more ticks inthere. His breaking ball is slurvy but has a good change. More projection than now but I like him a lot.
Brandon Bonilla P JR 35 55 Right Left 6'4" 205 10/21/93
Big arm up to 97 from Bobby's son.
David Peterson P HS 30 50 Left Left 6'6" 230 9/3/95
Upper 80's velocity topping out at 90, so there has to be projection. Breaking ball shows two different shapes. Could call one a slider, one a curve. Both could be average. Change is his best secondary. Good athelte.
Gabriel Gonzalez P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 200 8/16/96
Up to 94. Long arm action on the back side. Big potential.
Gerard Hernandez LF HS 30 50 Left Left 5'11" 195 10/16/95
Big time power hitter but he has a very long swing.
Francis Christy C J1 30 50 Left Right 6'2" 215 9/1/95
lh hitting, good oppo power, nice approach. Good approach. Good opposite field power
Max George 2B HS 30 45 Right Right 5'10" 170 4/7/96
Not big but big time bat speed. He can really hit
Austin Paschke LF FR Both Right 6'4" 215 4/20/1995
Cole Tucker SS HS Both Right 6'3" 175 7/3/96
long and thin. Projection, mediocre rh side, better LH
Mathew Troupe P JR Right Right 6'1" 190 9/15/1992
Trevor Horn RHP SS HS R R 6'1" 175
Alex Real 3B JR Right Right 6'1" 200 1/19/93
Ryan Padilla OF JR Left Left 6'4" 205 12/10/92
Tyler Wells LHP JR L L 6/3 210
Austin Byler 3B JR Left Right 6'3" 225 10/15/1992
Conor Harber OF JR Right Right 6'2" 200 12/18/1993
Colton Shaver C HS R R 6'1" 220 9/18/95
Jon Richy RHP JR R R 6/4 225
Chase Harris OF SR R R 6/1 210 7/28/1991
Mitch Watrous RHP JR R R 6/1 200
Trent Gilbert SS JR Left Right 6'1" 175 3/17/93
Spencer Moran RHP HS R R 6'6" 180
Jordan Holloway RHP SR R R 6/3 185
Maverick Buffo P HS Right Right 6'1" 195 9/15/95
Cole Krzmarzick OF HS R R 6'2" 200 12/27/95
Brock Burke LHP 1B, OF HS L L 6'4" 180 8/4/1996
Andrew Shaps OF HS L L 6'1" 168 12/5/1995
Riley Moore C JR Both Right 6'3" 190 8/12/93
Payton Squier SS HS L R 6'1" 190
Brad Gerig OF SR R R 6/2 200 6/29/1992
Cody Hamlin RHP SO R R 6/4 185 2/9/1993
Kholton Sanchez C J2 R R 6/2 180
Nick Ortega RHP 3B HS R R 6'3" 210
Mike Fabrizio RHP SR R R 6/3 185
Tony Blanford P J2 Right Right 6'3" 175 8/23/93
Joey Lauria RHP JR R R 6/4 230
Connor Williams OF J2 Right Right 6'3" 185 3/18/94
James Farris P SR R R 6'2" 210 4/4/92
David Kuzma RHP J1 R R 6/1 175
Tyler Parmenter SS JR Right Right 6'2" 185 5/4/93
Christian Stolo LHP J2 L L 6/1 180
Josh Advocate RHP J2 R R 6/1 190
Jared Gaspard OF J2 L L 6/2 190
Erik Van Meetren C JR Right Right 6'5" 215 9/4/92
Kolton Mahoney RHP SO R R 6/1 195 5/20/1992
Jake Cole RHP/1B JR R R 6/4 240 9/11/1991
Kobie Foppe SS HS S R 5'10" 160
Nick Miller 1B JR Left Left 6'4" 190 7/27/1991
Max Karnos RHP J1 R R 6/4 195 7/10/1995
Bubba Blau RHP SR R R 6/2 190
Tanner Banks LHP/OF SR R L 6/1 205 10/24/1991
Manny Ramirez 1B FR Right Right 6'4" 210 2/24/94
Kent Keeling P HS R R 6'1" 175 1/4/96
Desmond Poulson RHP/OF SR R R 6/2 205 3/11/1992
Dalton DiNatale 3B SO Left Right 6'4" 193 3/26/93
Darin Gillies P JR Right Right 6'4" 195 11/6/92
Nick Wojtysiak LHP HS L L 5'11" 175
Alexis Torres OF J2 R R 6/2 190
Spencer O’Neil OF J2 L R 6/5 205 7/5/1992
Carlos Rodriguez LHP SO L L 6/2 200 12/9/1992
Brody Westmoreland SS HS R R 6'3" 185 8/22/1995
J.J. Bissell 1B J2 L R 6/1 230 5/22/1994
Craig Brinkerhoff OF/RHP SO R R 6/2 190
Tyler Condie RHP J2 R R 6/1 180
Andris Rizquez OF J2 L L 6/1 190
Cameron Brendel RHP J2 R R 6/2 180
Colby Blueberg RHP/SS JR R R 6/1 185 5/11/1993
D.J. Myers RHP J1 R R 6/5 230 12/24/1994
Joe Barlow C HS R R 6'2" 180 9/28/1995
Jared White RHP/OF J1 6/2 205
Ryan Peep SS OF, 3B HS R R 6'1" 185
Andrew (AJ) Jones RHP HS R R 6'1" 180 5/27/1996
Jared Koenig LHP J2 L L 6/5 190
Scott Hoffman P SO Right Right 6'4" 205 9/21/93
Brandon Pletsch SS J2 Right Right 5'11" 175 8/21/1992
Jerrott Gray LHP J1 L L 6/3 250
Nicco Blank RHP J2 R R 5/11 165
Donald Glover OF JR L R 6/1 190 3/29/1992
Conner Kelly RHP J2 R R 6/6 185
Tyrell King P J2 L L 6/4 180 8/4/1993
Justin Seiwald LHP J1 L L 6/2 225
Billy Oxford RHP HS R R 6'1" 180
T.J Bennett 1B/3B SR L R 6/2 210
Jake Howard C/OF J2 R R 6/4 205
Dakota Behr RHP JR R R 6/2 185
Jakob Goldfarb OF HS L R 6'2" 200 6/23/96
Jeremy Mortensen LHP/OF J1 L L 6/1 190
Andre Jackson SS HS R R 6'2" 170
Andrew Hermanson 3B J1 R R 6/1 190
Evan Parker RHP JR R R 6/2 215
James Young 3B J1 Right Right 6'4" 205
Zach Adams RHP SR R R 6/4 200 10/19/1990
T.J. White 3B JR R R 5/11 190
Billy Wilson OF HS L R 5'10" 175
Cody Farrell C J2 Right Right 6'5" 190 7/10/93
Quinnton Mack OF SR R R 6/1 185 2/11/1992
Taylor Snyder SS J1 R R 6/3 160 9/28/1994
Jordy Hart OF JR R R 5/8 185 3/4/93
Drew Stankiewicz 2B JR Both Right 5’9" 160 6/18/93
Logan Comphel 2B J2 R R 6/3 170
Michael Diamond RHP J1 R R 6/1 175
Colton Thomson LHP JR L L 6/1 185 7/22/1992
Kewby Meyer OF/LHP JR L L 6/2 205 10/27/1992
Dillon Robinson 3B JR L R 6/3 210 1/10/1992
Cole Plouck LHP J2 L L 6/2 165
Jesse Emery OF HS L L 5'11" 180 7/12/96
Jordan Hand C HS R R 6'3" 215 8/22/95
Brick Paskiewicz OF J1 L R 5/11 175 8/14/1994
Eric Urry OF SO L L 6/2 185 9/15/1990
James Lengal P JR Left Right 6'2" 180 10/20/92
Nick Leonard P HS R R 6'2" 180
Nate Robertson SS/3B JR R R 6/3 210
Austin Kaiser OF SR R R 6/1 200
Nevin Wilson P JR Right Left 6'2" 180 2/22/93
Clay Miller LHP J1 L L 6/1 170 7/1/1994
Eric Carter RHP J2 R R 5/11 200
Andrew Mendoza P FR R R 6'5" 195
Fernando Fernandez P J1 Left Left 6'1" 170 10/12/1994
Tanner Chauncey SS JR Right Right 6'1" 175 2/7/93
Blair Goldsack RHP J2 R R 6/1 185
Nathaniel Causey C JR Left Right 6'2" 205 3/6/93
Rouric Bridgewater 1B/3B JR L R 6/2 220 12/23/1992
Jonathan Ferendelli RHP/OF J2 R R 6/1 180
Keenan Eaton OF HS R R 6'1" 200 3/28/1996
Andrew Freter RHP SR R R 6/3 210
Trever Allen OF JR R R 5'11" 190 10/16/91
Reagan Todd P HS L L 6'3" 215 8/30/95
Matt Troupe RHP Jr. R R 6/1 190
Aldo Koutsoyanopulos 3B J1 Right Right 6'1" 180 6/19/95
Blaze Bohall P HS Right Right 6'1" 150

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Erick Fedde Nevada-Las Vegas Nevada-Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV NV
Alex Verdugo Arizona State Tucson, AZ AZ
Ryan Castellani Arizona State Phoenix, AZ AZ
Brandon Bonilla Grand Canyon (Ariz.) Grand Canyon (Ariz.) Greenwich, CT AZ
David Peterson Oregon Denver, CO CO
Gabriel Gonzalez UNLV Las Vegas, NV NV
Gerard Hernandez Phoenix, AZ AZ
Francis Christy Central Arizona CC Central Arizona CC Petaluma, CA CA
Max George Oregon State Parker, CO CO
Austin Paschke Yavapai Yavapai Peoria, AZ AZ
Cole Tucker Arizona Phoenix, AZ AZ
Mathew Troupe Arizona Arizona West Hills, CA AZ
Trevor Horn Arizona State Scottsdale, AZ AZ
Alex Real New Mexico New Mexico Scottsdale, AZ NM
Ryan Padilla New Mexico New Mexico Albuquerque, NM NM
Tyler Wells Nevada Maxwell, CA NV
Austin Byler Nevada Nevada Peoria, AZ NV
Conor Harber Western Nevada Oregon Astoria, OR NV
Colton Shaver Brigham Young Riverton, UT UT
Jon Richy Nevada-Las Vegas Golden, CO NV
Chase Harris New Mexico Boise, ID NM
Mitch Watrous Utah Riverton, UT UT
Trent Gilbert Arizona Arizona Torrance, CA AZ
Spencer Moran Utah Mesa, AZ AZ
Jordan Holloway Nebraska-Omaha Arvada, CO CO
Maverick Buffo Brigham Young Salem, UT UT
Cole Krzmarzick Nevada Las Vegas, NV NV
Brock Burke Oregon Evergreen, CO CO
Andrew Shaps Arizona State Paradise Valley, AZ AZ
Riley Moore Arizona Arizona Santa Barbara, CA AZ
Payton Squier UNLV Glendale, AZ AZ
Brad Gerig Nevada Carmichael, CA NV
Cody Hamlin Arizona Wesley Chapel, FL AZ
Kholton Sanchez Farmington, NM NM
Nick Ortega Arizona Glendale, AZ AZ
Mike Fabrizio Colorado State-Pueblo Pueblo, CO CO
Tony Blanford Central Arizona Glendale Anthem, AZ AZ
Joey Lauria Nevada-Las Vegas North Las Vegas, NV NV
Connor Williams Utah Utah South Jordan, UT UT
James Farris Arizona Arizona Gilbert, AZ AZ
David Kuzma Las Vegas, NV NV
Tyler Parmenter Arizona Arizona Yuma, AZ AZ
Christian Stolo Nevada Reno, NV NV
Josh Advocate Long Beach State Mohave, AZ AZ
Jared Gaspard Nevada Friendswood, TX NM
Erik Van Meetren UNLV Nevada-Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV NV
Kolton Mahoney Brigham Young West Point, UT UT
Jake Cole New Mexico Tucson, AZ NM
Kobie Foppe Arizona State Phoenix, AZ AZ
Nick Miller Northern Colorado Northern Colorado Loveland, CO CO
Max Karnos Anchorage, AK NV
Bubba Blau Dixie State Roy, UT UT
Tanner Banks Utah Riverton, UT UT
Manny Ramirez Central Arizona CC San Francisco Plantation, FL AZ
Kent Keeling Corrales, NM NM
Desmond Poulson Brigham Young Taylorsville, UT UT
Dalton DiNatale Arizona State Arizona State Rancho Cucamonga, CA AZ
Darin Gillies Arizona State Arizona State Hollister, CA AZ
Nick Wojtysiak Pepperdine Fountain Hills, AZ AZ
Alexis Torres Texas-Pan American Bronx, NY NM
Spencer O’Neil Kennewick, WA AZ
Carlos Rodriguez Central Arizona Kapolei, HI AZ
Brody Westmoreland San Diego State Highlands Ranch, CO CO
J.J. Bissell Windsor, CO CO
Craig Brinkerhoff Utah Valley Kanab, UT UT
Tyler Condie Kansas Las Vegas, NV NV
Andris Rizquez Caracas, VZ AZ
Cameron Brendel Anthem, AZ AZ
Colby Blueberg Nevada Carson City, NV NV
D.J. Myers Henderson, NV NV
Joe Barlow Riverton, UT UT
Jared White Riverton, UT UT
Ryan Peep Arizona State Chandler, AZ AZ
Andrew (AJ) Jones Brigham Young Highlands Ranch, CO CO
Jared Koenig Old Dominion Aptos, CA AZ
Scott Hoffman South Mountain Arizona State Mesa, AZ AZ
Brandon Pletsch Southern Nevada Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV NV
Jerrott Gray Temecula, CA NM
Nicco Blank Texas-Arlington Tucson, AZ AZ
Donald Glover Dixie State Las Vegas, NV UT
Conner Kelly Central Michigan Phoenix, AZ AZ
Tyrell King Yavapai (Ariz.) JC Litchfield Park, AZ AZ
Justin Seiwald Westminster, CO AZ
Billy Oxford Yavapai College Peoria, AZ AZ
T.J Bennett Utah Utah Mesa, AZ UT
Jake Howard Chandler, AZ AZ
Dakota Behr Colorado Mesa West Covina, CA CO
Jakob Goldfarb Oregon Scottsdale, AZ AZ
Jeremy Mortensen Coppell, TX NM
Andre Jackson Utah Tucson, AZ AZ
Andrew Hermanson Temecula, CA AZ
Evan Parker Dixie State Ogden, UT UT
James Young Southern Nevada Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV NV
Zach Adams Utah Salt Lake City, UT UT
T.J. White Nevada-Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV NV
Billy Wilson Loyola Marymount Tolleson, AZ AZ
Cody Farrell Texas-Arlington Cheyenne, WY AZ
Quinnton Mack New Mexico State Las Vegas, NV NM
Taylor Snyder Salem, UT UT
Jordy Hart Utah Valley Utah Valley Cedar Valley, UT UT
Drew Stankiewicz Arizona State Arizona State Gilbert, AZ AZ
Logan Comphel AZ
Michael Diamond Paradise Valley, AZ AZ
Colton Thomson New Mexico Gilbert, AZ NM
Kewby Meyer Nevada Waipahu, HI NV
Dillon Robinson Brigham Young Highland, UT UT
Cole Plouck Florida International Tucson, AZ AZ
Jesse Emery Utah Valley State Draper, UT UT
Jordan Hand Las Vegas, NV NV
Brick Paskiewicz Peoria, AZ AZ
Eric Urry Brigham Young Tempe, AZ UT
James Lengal Brigham Young Brigham Young Spanish Fork, UT UT
Nick Leonard Washington State Highlands Ranch, CO CO
Nate Robertson Colorado Mesa Montrose, CO CO
Austin Kaiser Colorado Mesa Colorado Springs, CO CO
Nevin Wilson Colorado Mesa Colorado Mesa Scottsdale, AZ CO
Clay Miller Bayfield, CO AZ
Eric Carter Santa Clara, UT UT
Andrew Mendoza Yavapai (Ariz.) JC Yavapai Lakewood, CA AZ
Fernando Fernandez New Mexico New Mexico Montreal, QU NM
Tanner Chauncey Brigham Young Brigham Young Las Vegas, NV UT
Blair Goldsack Las Vegas, NV NV
Nathaniel Causey Arizona State Arizona State Gilbert, AZ AZ
Rouric Bridgewater Grand Canyon Pomona, CA AZ
Jonathan Ferendelli Gilbert, AZ AZ
Keenan Eaton Vanderbilt Parker, CO CO
Andrew Freter Utah Valley Meridian, ID UT
Trever Allen Arizona State Arizona State Tempe, AZ AZ
Reagan Todd Arizona State Centennial, CO CO
Matt Troupe Arizona Arizona AZ
Aldo Koutsoyanopulos Central Arizona CC Central Arizona CC Mission Viejo, CA AZ
Blaze Bohall UNLV Glendale, AZ AZ