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2014 MLB Draft: Ohio Valley

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Quick impact talent and two-way players as well as two-sport stars fill this list.

There could be quick MLB impact in this region with Freeland, Burdi, Reed and Schwarber. Burdi could pitch out of a big league bullpen this year if they wanted him too. Varga, Connaughton, Desze, Shannon and Kelzer are all unusual prospects for various reasons but all have solid MLB potential. Reed, Shannon and Desze could be hitters or pitchers but all are more likely to get chances as position players than on the mound. Varga is very old for the draft. Almost two years older than fellow prep Brady Aiken. Connaughton and Kelzer are two sport atheltes with potential that hasn't been tapped due to not focusing on the sport. Connaughton is a basketball player, Kelzer is a swimmer.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Kyle Freeland P JR 40 65 Left Left 6'4" 190 5/14/93
Good fastball and ability to manipulate slider as well as offering a change make him look like a mid-rotation arm, maybe a #2 starter.
Nick Burdi P JR 50 60 Right Right 6'5" 215 1/19/93
High effort slinging delivery. Opens up and fires high velocity. Huge arm 95-100. Hard breaking ball. First round talent.
A.J. Reed 1B JR 40 60 Left Left 6'4" 245 5/10/93
Huge power. Was a pitching prospect to some but his future is at 1B. Power will play in games immediately. Low average, big power with little defensive value.
Kyle Schwarber 1B JR 40 60 Left Right 6' 235 3/5/93
Huge bat. Huger power. Good approach. Likely a 1B so bat has to play. Swing and miss issues and inconsistency worry me.
Cameron Varga P HS 35 60 Right Right 6'4" 205 8/19/94
Easy delivery. Needs to use height better. Slider is inconsistent but flashes plus. Hard spin. Throws thru the catcher. Big power in his arm. Old for the class.
Pat Connaughton P JR 35 60 Right Right 6'5" 200 1/6/93
Two sport athlete. Plays basketball at Notre Dame as well. Big time arm. Up to 94 but inconsistent. Ranges from 87-94. Arm action isn't clean. I don't like it but there is a lot of potential here. Good breaking ball. Plus change.
Sam Travis 3B JR 40 55 Right Right 6' 195 8/27/93
Power could be a big asset Good approach. Strong arm. Defensive position is a question as he's been a 1B a lot in college. If he can handle 3B he could be a top prospect if the bat plays as it could.
Chandler Shepherd P JR 40 55 Right Right 6'2" 185 8/25/92
Solid average to a tick above fastball due to movement and command. Big breaking slow curveball is a good pitch. Throws a harder version that tightens up as well. Good college arm. Mid to back of rotaion type.
Jake Kelzer P rFR 35 55 Right Right 6'7" 230 6/30/93
A unique way to get to the draft. The redshirt freshman is a two sport athlete. He is a swimmer. I haven't seen him pitch but I've heard he has a nasty breaking ball and the stats agree.
Zack Shannon LF HS 30 55 Right Right 6'3" 220 6/22/96
Strong power bat. Pulls back for load. Not a huge fan of that but the power is real. Slow. Likely will end up at 1B if not on the mound. Can hit 94 with his fastball complimented with a 79-81 slider. Elite two way guy. Not the cleanest delivery but the arm is unquestionable.
Micah Miniard P HS 30 55 Right Right 6'7" 215 4/12/96
Big, long projectable righty up to 97. Excellent command and pitchability but some effort to his delivery. Good slider as well.
Brandon Murray RHP HS 30 55 Right Right 6'4" 200 3/13/96
High effort delivery. Head whack. 92-94 t95. good spin on breaking ball. Good down hill delivery. Slider 75-78. Over the top, flies open. Some armside run. Ch 81-82
Dustin DeMuth 2B SR 40 50 Left Right 6'3" 200 6/30/91
Solid all around player. Good defender at 2B or 3B. Great contact ability. Not much power. Professional hitter.
Austin Cousino CF JR 35 50 Left Left 5'11" 170 4/17/93
Good speed, solid contact hitter. Defense needs improvement but covers ground. Runs poor routes, doesn't line up throws well. Could be a CF with improvement. Might be best suited as a 4th OF but potential to be a starting CF is in there.
Matt Ruppenthal P HS 30 50 R R 6'4" 230 10/21/95
Good delivery. Throws in the low 90's with a hard slider and a decent change. Strong build with mid-rotation potential.
Josh Dezse P SR 30 50 Right Right 6'4" 205 6/18/92
Huge power. Arm up to 100 in the past. Big power with the bat. Back injury last year and I don't know current status. Saw him hit this spring but not pitch.
Chase Mullins P SO 30 50 Left Left 6'9" 270 7/19/94
Coming off of Tommy John. Arm up to 95 when healthy. Has barely pitched since HS. Will need time but could be a lotto ticket.
Jayce Vancena P HS R R 6'4" 220
Jared Ruxer P JR Right Right 6'3" 190 7/29/92
Jonah Patten P HS Right Right 6'2" 195 10/23/95
Brian Clark P JR L L 6'3" 215 4/27/93
Jimmy Pickens OF JR L R 6/1 215 3/18/1992
Joe Filomeno P JR Right Left 5'11" 220 12/31/92
Brandon Johnson RHP HS R R 6'1" 175
Adam Hall RHP R-So. R R 6/6 200 1/11/1993
Devan Ahart OF JR L R 6/2 185 10/21/1992
Ryan Powers RHP JR R R 6/5 210
Mick Van Vossen P JR Right Right 6'3" 190 10/30/92
Jordan Foley P JR Right Right 6'4" 205 7/12/93
Connor Walsh P JR Left Right 6'2" 175 10/18/1992
Robert Winemiller P JR Right Right 6'1" 195 9/28/1992
Sean Carley P JR Right Right 6'4" 245 12/28/1990
Harrison Musgrave P JR Left Left 6'1" 205 3/3/1992
Matt Pope P J1 Right Right 6'7" 235 7/5/1994
Jake Paulson RHP JR R R 6/6 210
Eric Dorsch P J2 R R 6'7" 235 9/23/91
Jordan Minch P SO Left Left 6'3" 175 7/16/93
Grant Reuss P HS R L 6'5" 210 5/23/1996
Keegan Baar LHP HS R L 6'3" 175
Bradley Schaenzer LHP 1B, OF HS R L 6'2" 205
Dazon Cole SS HS S R 5'11" 165
Brock Dykxhoorn P J2 Right Right 6'8" 225 7/2/94
Jack Schaaf OF HS L R 6'1" 185
Kade McClure RHP HS R R 6'6" 200
Joey Filomeno P JR Right Left 6'1" 230 12/31/1992
Jacob Niggemeyer P HS Right Right 6'5" 215 11/30/95
Trent Szkutnik LHP JR R L 6/1 195 8/21/1993
Ty Kiafoulis OF HS L R 6'5" 210
Brandon Rawe OF JR R R 6/3 210
James Bourque RHP JR R R 6/4 180 7/9/1993
Ryan Riga LHP JR L L 6/1 180 10/22/1992
Sean Fitzgerald P SR R R 6'2" 180 12/24/91
Cole Sturgeon OF SR Left Left 6' 170 1/3/92
Jamaal Moore P JR Left Left 6' 175 3/20/93
Mitch Elliott OF Sr. R R 6/1 190 1/3/1991
Colin Brockhouse RHP IF HS R R 6'3" 185
Aaron Murray RHP J1 R R 6/1 205
Landon Curry OF JR L L 6/2 180 7/23/1992
Anthony Bazzani P SR Right Right 6'5" 210 10/7/90
Ben Ballantine P SR Right Right 6'8" 210 2/16/91
JACOB BODNER RHP/IF JR R R 5/11 175 1/31/1993
Robert Youngdahl P SO Left Left 6'2" 185 11/18/92
Brian Bien SS JR R R 6/1 170
Brian Breuning OF JR L L 6/3 200
John Hisel P HS R R 6'5" 170 8/2/95
GREG GREVE RHP JR R R 6/1 215 1/5/1992
Joey Hoelzel RHP SR R R 6/4 200
Caleb Ferguson LHP HS R L 6'4" 220
Pat Porter OF JR L L 6/1 205
Joey DeNato P SR Left Left 5'10" 170 3/17/92
Drew Ellis 3B HS R R 6'1" 185 12/1/95
Pat Kaminska RHP SR R R 6/3 215 4/19/1990
Matt Trowbridge P JR L L 5'10" 160 3/24/93
Zach Willeman RHP SR R R 6/2 175
Trace Dempsey RHP JR R R 6/1 180
Aaron Jensen RHP JR R R 6/8 245
Johnny Fasola RHP/3B JR R R 6/2 210 12/12/1991
Justin Hageman P SR Right Right 6'2" 205 11/23/91
Tanner Perkins P SR Left Left 6'3" 190 2/13/91
ZACH LUCAS INF JR R R 6/1 180 7/23/1993
STEVE LAUDICINA LHP SR R R 5/11 195 11/15/1991
Brendan Shoemake RHP JR R R 6/5 205 1/19/1993
Sam Johns RHP SR R R 6/3 210
Adam Tyson RHP JR R R 6/3 200 4/2/1992
Karch Kowalczyk RHP/IF SR R R 6/2 210 3/31/1991
Chad Mayle RHP JR R R 6/4 180
Matt Reida 2B SR Left Right 5'10" 170 11/24/91
Austin Bueter RHP JR R R 6/3 185
Max Kuhn 2B JR Right Right 5'11" 180 9/10/92
ANDREW SOHN SS JR R R 5/10 180 5/8/1993
Kyle Hart P JR Left Left 6'5" 170 11/23/92
ART WARREN RHP JR R R 6/3 210 3/23/1993
Scott Effross RHP So. R R 6/2 190
Scott Wilcox 2B SR L R 6/1 195 4/27/1992
Kevin Zak SS JR R R 6/1 180 2/18/1992
Jeff Gardner OF SR L R 6/2 220
Brad Lombard P JR R R 6'3" 170
Austin Crutcher OF Jr. R R 6/1 185
Joel Fisher C SR R R 6/3 235 1/8/1993
Jordan Procyshen C SO L R 6/1 205 3/11/1993
Matt Honchel P JR L L 6'1" 190 3/3/92
Bobby Boyd OF JR L R 5/9 170
Cody Callaway SS HS R R 6'1" 170
Sutton Whiting 2B JR Both Right 5'8" 170 5/13/92
Giancarlo Brugnoni 1B Sr. R R 6/3 230 2/25/1991
Riley Mahan SS HS L R 6'2" 165
Macy Holdsworth SS HS R R 5'11" 165 6/11/1995
Will Drake OF R-So. L R 6/2 180 12/16/1992
Nathan Morris SS JR R R 6'4" 180
David Stagg P JR R L 6'3" 220 10/16/92
Lee Longo OF SR R R 6/1 205 6/13/1991
Kory Young SS HS R R 6'1" 180 10/12/1995
Larry Crisler OF HS R R 6'4" 190
Evan White LHP 1B HS S L 6'3" 180
Grant Kay 3B JR R R 6' 180 5/29/93
Jackson Glines OF JR L L 6/1 180 4/13/1992
Scott Donley OF JR L R 6/2 185 3/2/1992
Sean McHugh C/3B SR R R 6/1 205
Taylor Goshen RHP 3B HS R R 6'2" 230 9/1/1995
Trevor Simms P SO R R 6'4" 200 3/15/92
Devin Hairston IF HS R R 5'7" 150
Dan Zuchowski OF/SS R-So. L R 6/2 190 6/21/1993
Jordan McDonough C HS R R 5'11" 190 4/3/96
Jake Bivens 2B HS L R 6'1" 185
Alex Lakatos P SR Right Right 6'3" 210 11/24/91
Josh Pierce RHP JR L R 6/2 225 10/13/1991
Ryan McBroom 1B SR R L 6/3 220 4/9/1992
Michael Thomas C SR R R 5/11 210 1/27/1991
Seth Varner LHP SR L L 6/3 225 1/27/1992
Ben Kocher SS HS R R 6'2" 180 8/12/95
Andrew Gonzalez RHP OF HS R R 6'2" 178
Kyle Pollock C JR R R 5/11 205
Michael White OF JR Left Left 6'2" 205 3/18/93
Lincoln Henzman P HS R R 6'2" 190 7/4/95
Jared Kujawa OF Jr. L R 6/1 190 2/18/1993
Aaron Goe RHP JR R R 6/5 220 9/14/1993
Nick McCarty P SO Right Right 6'2" 185 7/5/93
Spencer Jack RHP JR R R 6/5 210
Jeff Kinley LHP/OF SR L L 6/1 195 2/15/1992
Michael Clark P SR Left Left 6'3" 185 6/11/91
Garrett Christman SS RHP HS L R 6'2" 180
T.J. Weir 3B/RHP SR R R 6/1 195 9/15/1991
Sean Hagen C SR R R 6/1 220 4/10/1992
Regan Flaherty 1B SR Left Left 6'2" 185 10/16/90
Zach McKinstry SS HS L R 6'1" 160
Kevin Kaczmarski OF JR L R 5/11 190 12/31/1991
John Means P JR Left Left 6'3" 195 4/24/93
Corey Walter P SR R R 6'3" 215
Logan Sowers OF 1B, RHP HS R R 6'4" 200
Sean Godfrey OF SR Right Right 6'2" 160 1/2/92
Zach Logue LHP OF HS L L 6'1" 160
Cody Leichman 1B JR L R 6/3 220
TRAVIS HISSONG RHP SR R R 6/1 190 7/19/1991
Ian Tompkins LHP JR L L 6/1 195
Nick Manuppelli RHP SR R R 6/3 225 5/26/1992
Caleb Baragar LHP J2 L L 6/4 200
Nick Regnier OF JR R R 6/3 200
Sean Renzi P JR R R 6/3 230 2/14/93
Derek Dennis SS SR Right Right 6'3" 185 7/9/90
Jacob Rice SS SR Right Right 6'3" 190 10/22/91
Matt Ogden P JR Right Right 6'2" 170 9/18/92
Blaise Salter C JR Right Right 6'5" 215 6/25/93
Caleb Potter OF HS R R 6'3" 210 3/17/96
Ryan O'Shea P SR Left Left 6'3" 205

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Kyle Freeland Evansville Evansville Denver, CO IN
Nick Burdi Louisville Louisville Downers Grove, IL KY
A.J. Reed Kentucky Kentucky Terre Haute, IN KY
Kyle Schwarber Indiana Indiana Middletown, OH IN
Cameron Varga North Carolina Loveland, OH OH
Pat Connaughton Notre Dame Notre Dame Danvers, MA IN
Sam Travis Indiana Indiana Orland Park, IL IN
Chandler Shepherd Kentucky Kentucky Louisa, KY KY
Jake Kelzer Indiana Indiana Bloomington, IN IN
Zack Shannon Ohio State Cincinnati, OH OH
Micah Miniard Western Kentucky Danville, KY KY
Brandon Murray South Carolina Hobart, IN IN
Dustin DeMuth Indiana Indiana La Porte, IN IN
Austin Cousino Kentucky Kentucky Dublin, OH KY
Matt Ruppenthal Vanderbilt Bloomfield Hills, MI MI
Josh Dezse Ohio State Ohio State Powell, OH OH
Chase Mullins Kentucky Kentucky Paris, KY KY
Jayce Vancena Michigan Millbury, OH OH
Jared Ruxer Louisville Louisville Indianapolis, IN KY
Jonah Patten Arkansas Ossian, IN IN
Brian Clark Kent State Kent State Munroe Falls, OH OH
Jimmy Pickens Michigan State Michigan State West Bloomfield, MI MI
Joe Filomeno Louisville Louisville Cicero, IL KY
Brandon Johnson Xavier New Albany, IN IN
Adam Hall Xavier Xavier Dublin, OH OH
Devan Ahart Akron Orchard Lake, MI OH
Ryan Powers Miami La Grange Park, IL OH
Mick Van Vossen Michigan State Michigan State Grand Rapids, MI MI
Jordan Foley Central Michigan Central Michigan The Colony, TX MI
Connor Walsh Cincinnati Cincinnati Wayne, PA OH
Robert Winemiller Case Western Reserve Case Western Reserve Twinsburg, OH OH
Sean Carley West Virginia West Virginia Melbourne, FL WV
Harrison Musgrave West Virginia West Virginia Bridgeport, WV WV
Matt Pope Walters State (Tenn.) Walters State (Tenn.) Johnson City, TN KY
Jake Paulson Oakland Commerce Township, MI MI
Eric Dorsch Kent State Kent State Wexford, PA OH
Jordan Minch Purdue Purdue Highland, IN IN
Grant Reuss Michigan Bloomfield Hills, MI MI
Keegan Baar Michigan State Hudsonville, MI MI
Bradley Schaenzer Kentucky Oxford, MI MI
Dazon Cole Central Michigan Pontiac, MI MI
Brock Dykxhoorn Central Arizona CC West Virginia Clinton, ON WV
Jack Schaaf Florida International Springboro, OH OH
Kade McClure Louisville Mentor, OH OH
Joey Filomeno Louisville Louisville Cicero, IL KY
Jacob Niggemeyer Ohio State Powell, OH OH
Trent Szkutnik Michigan Temperance, MI MI
Ty Kiafoulis Michigan Milford, MI MI
Brandon Rawe Morehead State Matthews, NC KY
James Bourque Michigan Ann Arbor, MI MI
Ryan Riga Ohio State Cincinnati, OH OH
Sean Fitzgerald Notre Dame Notre Dame McLean, VA IN
Cole Sturgeon Louisville Louisville Owensboro, KY KY
Jamaal Moore Los Angeles Harbor Georgetown Los Angeles, CA KY
Mitch Elliott Xavier Xavier Wexford, PA OH
Colin Brockhouse Ball State , IN IN
Aaron Murray Greenwood, IN IN
Landon Curry Indiana State Uniondale, IN IN
Anthony Bazzani Eastern Kentucky Eastern Kentucky Conyers, GA KY
Ben Ballantine Michigan Michigan Napa, CA MI
JACOB BODNER Xavier Xavier Danville, KY OH
Robert Youngdahl Kansas State Notre Dame St. Paul, MN IN
Brian Bien Bowling Green State Cincinnati, OH OH
Brian Breuning Xavier Columbus, OH OH
John Hisel Nicholsville, KY KY
GREG GREVE Ohio State Ohio State Brecksville, OH OH
Joey Hoelzel Wright State Canfield, OH OH
Caleb Ferguson West Virginia West Jefferson, OH OH
Pat Porter Ohio State Chagrin Falls, OH OH
Joey DeNato Indiana Indiana San Diego, CA IN
Drew Ellis Louisville Jeffersonville, IN IN
Pat Kaminska Central Michigan Naperville, IL MI
Matt Trowbridge Central Michigan Central Michigan Mokena, IL MI
Zach Willeman Kent State Napoleon, OH OH
Trace Dempsey Ohio State Huntington, WV OH
Aaron Jensen Grand Valley State Big Rapids, MI MI
Johnny Fasola Kent State Hudson, OH OH
Justin Hageman Western Kentucky Western Kentucky Hopkinsville, KY KY
Tanner Perkins Eastern Kentucky Eastern Kentucky Brodhead, KY KY
ZACH LUCAS Louisville Louisville Louisville, KY KY
STEVE LAUDICINA Western Michigan Western Michigan Warren, MI MI
Brendan Shoemake Youngstown State La Canada, CA OH
Sam Johns Evansville Bethalto, IL IN
Adam Tyson Toledo Wayne, OH OH
Karch Kowalczyk Valparaiso Peru, IL IN
Chad Mayle Western Michigan Midland, MI MI
Matt Reida Kentucky Kentucky Russiaville, IN KY
Austin Bueter Ohio Dominican Wauseon, OH OH
Max Kuhn Kentucky Kentucky Zionsville, IN KY
ANDREW SOHN Western Michigan Western Michigan Bloomfield Hills, MI MI
Kyle Hart Indiana Indiana Cincinnati, OH IN
ART WARREN Ashland Ohio Ashland Ohio Stryker, OH OH
Scott Effross Indiana Indiana Twinsburg, OH IN
Scott Wilcox Western Kentucky Burlington, ON KY
Kevin Zak Grand Valley State Novi, MI MI
Jeff Gardner Louisville Louisville, KY KY
Brad Lombard Indiana State Indiana State Fort Dodge, IA IN
Austin Crutcher Bellarmine Bellarmine Lexington, KY KY
Joel Fisher Michigan State Farmington Hills, MI MI
Jordan Procyshen Northern Kentucky Calgary, AB KY
Matt Honchel Miami Miami Harrodsburg, KY OH
Bobby Boyd West Virginia Silver Spring, MD WV
Cody Callaway Bowling Green State Elyria, OH OH
Sutton Whiting Louisville Louisville, KY KY
Giancarlo Brugnoni Grand Valley State Grand Valley State Grosse Pointe, MI MI
Riley Mahan Kentucky Cincinnati, OH OH
Macy Holdsworth Indiana Greensburg, IN IN
Will Drake Cincinnati Cincinnati Fairfield, OH OH
Nathan Morris Michigan State Oxford, MI MI
David Stagg Indiana State Indiana State West Des Moines, IA IN
Lee Longo Eastern Michigan Gates Mills, OH MI
Kory Young Michigan State Rockford, MI MI
Larry Crisler Indiana Gary, IN IN
Evan White Kentucky Gahanna, OH OH
Grant Kay Louisville Louisville Ralston, NE KY
Jackson Glines Michigan Oakhurst, CA MI
Scott Donley Indiana Crown Point, IN IN
Sean McHugh Purdue Leawood, KS IN
Taylor Goshen Wichita State Fort Wayne, IN IN
Trevor Simms Rice West Virginia Argyle, TX WV
Devin Hairston Louisville Lexington, KY KY
Dan Zuchowski Toledo Toledo Hamtramck, MI OH
Jordan McDonough Ohio State Liberty Township, OH OH
Jake Bivens Michigan Battle Creek, MI MI
Alex Lakatos Michigan Michigan Grand Rapids, MI MI
Josh Pierce Kent State Avon, OH OH
Ryan McBroom West Virginia West Virginia Fredericksburg, VA WV
Michael Thomas Kentucky Elizabethtown, KY KY
Seth Varner Miami Batavia, OH OH
Ben Kocher Belmont Zionsville, IN IN
Andrew Gonzalez Michigan State Wixom, MI MI
Kyle Pollock Evansville Westerville, OH IN
Michael White Louisville Louisville East Orange, NJ KY
Lincoln Henzman Louisville Lexington, KY KY
Jared Kujawa Western Michigan Western Michigan Temperance, MI MI
Aaron Goe Morehead State Dry Ridge, KY KY
Nick McCarty Notre Dame Notre Dame Noblesville, IN IN
Spencer Jack Kentucky Los Angeles, CA KY
Jeff Kinley Michigan State Saginaw, MI MI
Michael Clark Kent State Kent State Plantation, FL OH
Garrett Christman Butler Noblesville, IN IN
T.J. Weir Ball State Kokomo, IN IN
Sean Hagen Eastern Kentucky Reading, PA KY
Regan Flaherty Western Kentucky Western Kentucky Portland, ME KY
Zach McKinstry Central Michigan Fort Wayne, IN IN
Kevin Kaczmarski Evansville Carpentersville, IL IN
John Means West Virginia West Virginia Gardner, KS WV
Corey Walter West Virginia West Virginia Wheeling, WV WV
Logan Sowers Indiana Lafayette, IN IN
Sean Godfrey Ball State Ball State New Albany, IN IN
Zach Logue Kentucky Mason, OH OH
Cody Leichman Central Michigan Trenton, OH MI
KYLE McGRATH Louisville Louisville Louisville, KY KY
TRAVIS HISSONG Wright State Wright State Bellville, OH OH
Ian Tompkins Western Kentucky Louisville, KY KY
Nick Manuppelli Youngstown State Pittsburgh, PA OH
Caleb Baragar Jenison, MI MI
Nick Regnier Central Michigan Novi, MI MI
Sean Renzi Central Michigan Central Michigan Plainfield, IL MI
Derek Dennis Davenport Davenport Grand Rapids, MI MI
Jacob Rice West Virginia West Virginia Tulsa, OK WV
Matt Ogden Michigan Michigan Aurora, CO MI
SPENCER MAHONEY Valparaiso Valparaiso LaGrange Park, IL IN
Blaise Salter Michigan State Michigan State Bloomfield Hills, MI MI
Caleb Potter West Virginia Mentor, OH OH
Ryan O'Shea Chico State (Calif.) Chico State (Calif.) South Easton, MA MI