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2014 MLB Draft: The Northeast

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The Northeast is a question because of the lack of playing season. There could be stars here but it is tough to project these guys because we see so little of them.

Much like the North, the Northeast is harder to scout than most places because of the lack of playing time. The weather doesn't cooperate for baseball for much of the year. Much of the talent this year is prep talent and I'm not sure how good most of it is. Sean Newcomb is a hell of a talent but after that it's speculation on how good these guys will be. Blewett has a good arm but not the cleanest mechanics. Dobzanski is an elite athlete that may add six miles an hour or he may be maxed out. It's a tough physical projection. Bellinger and Ockimey have big power but both have mechanical issues. There are a ton of guys that could be busts or valuable prospects.

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Name POS hi lvl Floor Ceiling Bats Throws Height Weight Birthdate
Sean Newcomb P JR 40 65 Right Left 6'5" 240 6/12/93
Up to 97 from the left side. Recent jump in velocity. Short track record. Continued success this springs affirms that he is for real. Easy athletic delivery. Good change. Better slider.
Scott Blewett P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'6" 235 10/4/96
Big arm out of the northwest. The type scouts love to dream on. Tall, projectable. Up to 95 sits low 90's. Good breaking ball. Shows a change. Gets armside run. Excellent potential.
Bryan Dobzanski P HS 30 60 Right Right 6'4" 225 8/31/95
89-91 up to 94. CB 69-71. Long arm action. Great athlete. Two time state wrestling champion.
Justin Bellinger 1B HS 25 60 Left Left 6'6" 237 8/18/95
One of the most frustrating prospescts in this draft for me. Looks like he could be a future MVP physically. Swing needs work but has improved some since last summer. It's a progression and he needs to get it to click but the potential is high.
Josh Ockimey 1B HS 30 55 Left Right 6'4" 220 10/18/95
Big power potential. Has some hitting flaws but there is a lot of potential in there. Commited to Indiana and I think he gets there because Schwarber and Travis should sign.
Joe Gatto P HS 35 50 Right Right 6'5 215 6/14/95
Sits in the 89-91 range but can hit 94. Nasty sink and tail on fb. Big downer breaking ball. Plus potential when he stays on top of it. Erratic. FB is pretty straight up in the zone. Shows an occasional slider and change. Both could be average offerings.
Boo Vazquez LF JR 35 50 Left Left 6'4" 250 4/4/93
athletic corner outfielder. Solid overall tools. Good speed, strong arm. Good approach. Has a hard time catching up to velocity.
Liam Sabino SS HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 185 5/1/96
Easy, loose nice swing. Hits to all fields. Excellent defender. Good all around game
Devin Smeltzer P HS 30 50 Right Left 6'3" 190 9/7/95
Nasty arm action, deceptive. Up to 88. 85-88 FB, 77 CB kinda slurvy but works. More potential. Cancer survivor. Good guy to root for.
Drew Lugbauer C HS 30 50 Left Right 6'4" 210 8/23/96
Catcher of first base only type. Good line drive swing. Power potential. Arm is good but not great. Same could be said for his defense.
Keven Pimentel P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 215 4/7/96
91-93 t94, 82 SL, 74 CH. Long reach on the back side. Big arm
Austin DeCarr P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'3" 215 3/14/95
88-90 t92, quick trigger for long levers. Good contact.
Willie Rios P HS 30 50 Both Left 6'1" 185 2/6/96
smooth at 1B. Uncomfortable from RH side. 89-91 t92, 74-76 CB, 77 CH. Loose lefty swing. Solid, athletic delivery from the left side
Isan Diaz SS HS 30 50 Left Right 6'1" 180 5/27/96
Impressive defender. Good bat
Marvin Gorgas P HS 30 50 Right Right 5'10" 195 1/19/96
Up to 94. Big potential in his arm.
Josh Pennington P HS 30 50 Right Right 6'1" 185 7/6/95
89-92, ch 82, sl 81, 11/5, cb 75. Really fast arm action.
J.J. Matijevic 3B HS 30 45 Left Right 6'2" 200 11/14/95
Hard contact. Hurts the ball.
Andrew Chin P JR Left Left 6'2" 175 9/22/92
Josh Prevost P SR R R 6/8 220 1/15/1992
Huge righty with sinker/slider repertoire. Good senior sign.
Heath Fillmyer P SO R R 6/1 190 5/16/1994
Dan Altavilla RHP JR R R 5/11 200 9/8/1992
Max Ponzurick 3B HS Right Right 6'2" 220 1/6/96
big power potential. Hit tool is questionable
Zach Sullivan OF HS Right Right 6'2" 175 11/26/1995
Brendan Spagnuolo P HS Right Right 6'2" 190 2/7/96
Mike Urbanski P JR Right Right 6'4" 205
Tristan Rojas RF HS Right Right 5'11" 175 3/18/96
Zachary Warren P HS Left Left 6'5" 195 6/9/96
Kevin Krause C JR Right Right 6'2" 200 11/23/1992
Kody Kerski RHP SR R R 5/10 170
Conor Krauss P JR R R 6'5" 205 6/14/93
Brian O'Keefe C JR R R 6/1 205
Kevin Mcavoy P JR R R 6'3" 210 7/21/93
Brenden McKay LHP SR L L 6/2 205
Zach Schellenger RHP HS R R 6'6" 193
Brandon Bielak P HS L R 6'1" 175 4/2/96
Aidan McDermott OF HS R R 6'3" 200
Mitch Cavanagh 3B HS Left Right 6'3" 215 2/1/96
solid power. Good loft in his swing. 87-89 FB, CB 71
Adam Dian P JR Right Right 6'5" 225 6/4/1993
Evelino Ruibal P HS Right Right 6'4" 210 9/29/95
Alex Haines P SR Left Left 6'4" 215 1/28/1992
Colton Hock P HS Right Right 6'5" 215 3/15/96
Giovanni Abreu P HS Right Right 6'2" 170 9/7/94
Jose Lopez RHP JR R R 6/1 200 9/1/1993
Michael Zavala C JR R R 6/2 205 6/8/1992
Tyler Servais C JR Both Right 6'2" 210 11/18/92
Carl Anderson OF/LHP JR L L 6/1 180 9/1/1992
Tyler Foote LHP JR L L 6/1 180 5/1/1993
Rohn Pierce RHP JR R R 6/3 215 1/21/1993
Evan Holland P HS R R 5'10" 185
Cameron Johnson 3B JR R R 5/11 200
Jeff Keller OF SR R R 5/11 185 4/20/1992
Aaron Floyd OF HS R R 6'2" 170 12/20/1995
Craig Schlitter RHP SR R R 6/1 190 5/16/1992
Connor Cuff RHP JR R R 6/4 205 5/13/1993
Sal Annunziata 1B JR R R 5/11 225
Mike Sullivan LHP J2 L L 6/2 195
Matt Gage LHP JR R L 6/4 240 2/11/1993
Jordan Serena SS JR R R 6/1 175
Zach Jancarski OF HS R R 6'1" 180 9/14/94
T.J. Hunt RHP JR R R 6/4 190 2/15/1993
James Lomangino P SR R R 6/1 205 10/5/91
Jeff Burke RHP SO R R 6/5 210
D.J. Roche C/RHP RS-SR R R 6/1 205 7/13/1992
Brandon Cipolla OF SR R R 6/1 190
Jason Vosler SS JR L R 6/2 195 9/6/1993
Justin Courtney RHP HS R R 6/4 190
Charles Galiano C So. Right Right 6'1" 185 5/23/94
Jordan Tabakman P SO R R 6'4" 200 4/17/92
Alec Keller OF SR L R 6/2 190 5/13/1992
Michael Burke RHP/3B SR R R 6/1 210 8/27/1992
Calvin Graves OF SR R R 5/11 180
Joey Donino RHP SR R R 6/4 220 10/26/1991
Andrew DiPiazza P HS R R 6'7" 225 10/7/95
Joseph Freiday C 1B HS R R 6'3" 210 1/7/1996
Tyler Sanchez C JR R R 6/4 220 5/30/1993
Joe Kuzia RHP JR R R 6/5 185
Peter Leonello OF SR L R 6/1 185 5/3/1992
Michael Odenwaelder OF JR R R 6/5 220
David Gibson RHP SR R R 6/1 190
Tim Ponto P JR Right Right 6'7" 205 4/22/93
Zach Passerelle C SR L R L-R 220
Aaron Cressley rhp JR L R 6/1 170
Nick Bottari 1B HS R R 6'2" 205 2/9/96
Michael Krische OF JR Right Right 5'11" 185 11/9/93
Mike Martin OF/SS JR R R 6/1 185 9/29/1992
Paul Campbell RHP HS L R 6'1" 170
Brandon McNitt RHP SR R R 5/10 170 1/9/1992
Tyler Mautner 3B R-So. R R 6/1 220
Brian Hunter RHP/3B SR R R 6/3 210 10/30/1992
Jesse Berardi SS HS L R 5'10" 170
Michael Fagan P SR Right Left 5'11" 175 5/12/92
Andy McGee LHP SR L L 6/1 220 5/8/1989
Shane Garrett SS J2 L R 6/2 190 9/25/1993
Kellen Urbon RHP JR R R 6/1 160 3/11/1993
Anthony Marzi LHP SR L L 6/2 205
James Torres RHP HS R R 6'1" 175
Timmy Swatek OF/RHP SR L R 6/4 200 3/25/1992
Thomas Roulis OF JR B R 5/10 170 7/11/1993
Jake Nelson P HS R R 6'3" 210
Mike Rampone SS JR R R 5/10 190
Jordan Schwartz RHP JR R R 6/2 200
Adam Heidenfelder RHP 1B HS R R 6'4" 240 12/11/1995
Josh Harris LHP JR L L 6/4 225 2/12/1993
Matt Ford 2B/SS SR L R 6/1 185 2/15/1991
Fred Shepard LHP SR L L 6/2 195 11/11/1990
Jarred Mederos SS JR Right Right 6' 180 7/8/93
Ryan Plourde C/OF SR R R 6/1 210
Nick Kozlowski RHP JR R R 6/2 195 6/17/1992
Michael Foster RHP/2B SO R R 6/1 190 11/4/1993
Brendan Butler OF Jr. Right Right 6'2" 200 7/23/93
PAT KREGELOH IF SR R R 6/3 210 5/8/1992
Will Toffey SS HS L R 6'2" 195 12/31/1994
Tim Caputo SS JR R R 5/8 165 2/23/1993
Shawn Carlson RHP JR R R 6/2 195 1/28/1991
Casey Roche OF/RHP SR R R 6/1 190 12/9/1991
Matt Peters SS Sr. R R 5/10 195
Jimmy Meindl RHP SR R R 6/4 230
Cole Peragine SS JR B R 6'1" 170 9/20/93
David Mahoney P JR L L 6'3" 200 9/15/91
Robert Amaro 3B SR Right Right 6'3" 215 4/10/90
Chris Cruz OF SR Left Left 6'1" 195 12/25/91
Vaughn Hayward RHP SR R R 6/2 195 4/7/1991
D.J. Ruhlman 3B JR R R 6/1 185
Wills Montgomerie RHP HS R R 6'3" 215
Derrick Sylvester RHP SR R R 6/6 215
Jack Rogalla RHP JR R R 6/1 190 1/24/1992
Daniel Zamora P SO Left Left 6'2" 185 4/15/93
Ryan McCormick P SO Left Right 6'2" 205
Alex Calbick 3B SR Left Right 6'1" 200 5/26/92
Zachary Correll RHP 1B HS R R 6'6" 223
Matt Wotherspoon P SR R R 6'1" 175 10/6/91
Joe Harvey RHP JR R R 6/2 220 1/9/1992
Will Kengor SS SR L R 6/3 185
Anthony Lopez SS J2 R R 6/1 180
Zach Nierstedt SS HS R R 6'5" 199
SCOTT DeJONG 1B R-S SO R R 6/4 235 4/26/1993
Al Molina SS HS R R 6'1" 185
Dan Serreino P HS R R 6'3" 200 6/18/1996
Nick Raquet LHP HS R L 6'1" 190
Alex Robinett RHP JR R R 6/1 190
Justin Pacchioli OF JR R R 6/2 190 9/28/1992
Zachary Albin RHP J2 R R 6/2 195 6/14/1994
Kurt Sowa RHP JR R R 6/4 195
Shawn O'Neill LHP SR L L 6/2 195
John Razzino OF JR R R 6/3 200
Brian Doran OF JR L R 6/3 195 6/2/1993
Tyler Sterner LHP JR L L 5/11 195 12/9/1992
Zachary Risedorf C HS S R 5'11" 190 3/11/96
John Ziznewski SS SR R R 6/2 195 4/28/1991
Ed Charlton OF JR R R 6' 190
J.P. Sportman OF/IF SR R R 5/11 180
Tommy Lawrence RHP SR R R 6/1 220 11/25/1990
Ryan Siegel OF Jr. L L 6/2 190 11/3/1991
Forrest Chadwick OF SR L R 6/1 190
Devon Stewart P JR R R 6/3 185 12/20/1992
Jamill Moquette OF SR R R 6/3 205 2/13/1992
Tom Verdi SS SR R R 6/3 185 4/2/1992
Tyler Badamo RHP SR R R 6/2 185 8/8/1992
Rich Vrana LHP JR L L 6/1 190
Carson Cross P JR R R 6/5 215 1/24/92
Frankie Vanderka RHP SR R R 6/2 205 1/30/1992
Anthony Ciavarella P So. Left Left 6' 170 8/13/93
Nicholas Dignacco LHP SR L L 6/4 195
Steve Snyder OF SR R R 5/10 165
Mathew Annunziata 3B HS L R 6'1" 190 8/7/96
Taylor Lehman P HS L L 6'7" 215
Brian O'Grady OF SR L R 6/2 200
Christian Colletti P SO Left Left 6'3" 195 3/8/94
Mike Weisman LHP JR L L 6/1 195
Brent Jones P HS Right Right 6'4" 185
Jose Lopez C HS Right Right 5'10" 180 11/22/94
David Drouin RHP FR L R 6/4 190
Jacob Lamb LHP OF HS L L 6'5" 225

Name College team College Commitment Hometown state
Sean Newcomb Hartford Hartford Middleboro, MA CT
Scott Blewett St. John's Baldwinsville, NY NY
Bryan Dobzanski Louisville Franklinville, NJ NJ
Justin Bellinger Duke Weston, MA MA
Josh Ockimey Indiana Philadelphia, PA PA
Joe Gatto North Carolina Hammonton, NJ NJ
Boo Vazquez Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Youngstown, OH PA
Liam Sabino Vanderbilt East Stroudsburg, PA NJ
Devin Smeltzer Florida Gulf Coast Voorhees, NJ NJ
Drew Lugbauer Michigan Pleasant Valley, NY NY
Keven Pimentel Miami Wading River, NY NY
Austin DeCarr Clemson Foxboro, MA CT
Willie Rios Maryland Waterford, CT CT
Isan Diaz Vanderbilt Springfield, MA MA
Marvin Gorgas East Hampton East Hampton East Hampton, CT CT
Josh Pennington St. John's Cape May, NJ NJ
J.J. Matijevic Arizona North Huntingdon, PA PA
Andrew Chin Boston College Boston College Newton, MA MA
Josh Prevost Seton Hall Belle Mead, NJ NJ
Heath Fillmyer Mercer County (N.J.) JC Mercer County (N.J.) JC Roebling, NJ NJ
Dan Altavilla Mercyhurst Greenock, PA PA
Max Ponzurick Virginia Tech Greensburg, PA PA
Zach Sullivan Stony Brook Corning, NY NY
Brendan Spagnuolo Vanderbilt Massapequa, NY NY
Mike Urbanski Binghamton Binghamton Schenectady, NY NY
Tristan Rojas Grayson County College Bronx, NY NY
Zachary Warren Tulane Vineland, NJ NJ
Kevin Krause Stony Brook Stony Brook Staten Island, NY NY
Kody Kerski Sacred Heart Waterbury, CT CT
Conor Krauss Seton Hall Seton Hall Randolph, NJ NJ
Brian O'Keefe St. Joseph's Albany, NY PA
Kevin Mcavoy Bryant Bryant Syracuse, NY RI
Brenden McKay Louisville Beaver Falls, PA PA
Zach Schellenger Seton Hall Malvern, PA PA
Brandon Bielak Notre Dame Sayreville, NJ NJ
Aidan McDermott St. John's South Plainfield, NJ NJ
Mitch Cavanagh St. John's Oneida, NY NY
Adam Dian Butler Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA PA
Evelino Ruibal Notre Dame Millburn, NJ NJ
Alex Haines Seton Hill Seton Hill Greensburg, PA PA
Colton Hock Stanford Bloomsburg, PA PA
Giovanni Abreu Hofstra New York, NY NY
Jose Lopez Seton Hall Cranbury, NJ NJ
Michael Zavala Rutgers Randolph, NJ NJ
Tyler Servais No school Princeton Larkspur, CO NJ
Carl Anderson Bryant Sudbury, MA RI
Tyler Foote Princeton Scarsdale, NY NJ
Rohn Pierce Canisius Lockport, NY NY
Evan Holland Florida International Erial, NJ NJ
Cameron Johnson La Salle Bowling Green, KY PA
Jeff Keller Dartmouth Atherton, CA NH
Aaron Floyd Stony Brook Huntington, NY NY
Craig Schlitter Bryant Guilford, CT RI
Connor Cuff Penn Western Springs, IL PA
Sal Annunziata Seton Hall Bronx, NY NJ
Mike Sullivan Staten Island, NY NJ
Matt Gage Siena Gloversville, NY NY
Jordan Serena Columbia Columbia Parker, CO NY
Zach Jancarski Maryland East Norriton, PA PA
T.J. Hunt Monmouth Franklin Lakes, NJ NJ
James Lomangino St. John's St. John's Farmingville, NY NY
JORDAN GLOVER Cumberland County Cumberland County Marlton, NJ NJ
Jeff Burke Boston College Signal Mountain, TN MA
D.J. Roche New Jersey Tech New Jersey Tech Kendall Park, NJ NJ
Brandon Cipolla Holy Cross Abington, MA MA
Jason Vosler Northeastern West Nyack, NY MA
Justin Courtney Maine Bangor, ME ME
Charles Galiano Fordham Fordham Dix Hills, NY NY
Jordan Tabakman Connecticut Connecticut Pompton Plains, NJ CT
Alec Keller Princeton Richmond, VA NJ
Michael Burke Buffalo Buffalo Cleveland, OH NY
Calvin Graves Franklin Pierce West Roxbury, MA NH
Joey Donino Columbia Avon, CT NY
Andrew DiPiazza Alabama Bayville, NJ NJ
Joseph Freiday Virginia Tech Middleboro, MA MA
Tyler Sanchez St. John's Port St. Lucie, FL NY
Joe Kuzia St. John's Seymour, CT NY
Peter Leonello Long Island Commack, NY NY
Michael Odenwaelder Amherst Amherst Goshen, CT MA
David Gibson Southern New Hampshire Hanover, MA NH
Tim Ponto St. Joseph’s St. Joseph’s Pottstown, PA PA
Zach Passerelle Marist Sparta, NJ NY
Aaron Cressley Pittsburgh-Bradford Pittsburgh-Bradford Corry, PA PA
Nick Bottari Miami Wading River, NY NY
NICK BRASS Stony Brook Stony Brook Mastic Beach, NY NY
Michael Krische Canisius Canisius Langley, BC NY
Mike Martin Harvard Buffalo Grove, IL MA
Paul Campbell Clemson Revere, MA CT
Brandon McNitt Stony Brook Chino Hills, CA NY
Tyler Mautner Buffalo Buffalo Sherrill, NY NY
Brian Hunter Hartford Port Jefferson Station, NY CT
Jesse Berardi St. John's Commack, NY NY
Michael Fagan Princeton Princeton San Diego, CA NJ
Andy McGee Monmouth Toms River, NJ NJ
Shane Garrett Cherokee, NJ NJ
Kellen Urbon Cornell San Diego, CA NY
Anthony Marzi Connecticut Berlin, CT CT
James Torres Rutgers Bloomfield, NJ NJ
Timmy Swatek Fordham Maywood, NJ NY
Thomas Roulis Dartmouth New Hyde Park, NY NH
Jake Nelson Hopkinton, NH NH
Mike Rampone New Jersey Tech Mendham, NJ NJ
THOMAS RICHARDS Buffalo Buffalo Whitby, ON NY
Jordan Schwartz Niagara Arkport, NY NY
Adam Heidenfelder Hofstra Wantagh, NY NY
Josh Harris Villanova Streamwood, IL PA
Matt Ford Hofstra Ithaca, NY NY
Fred Shepard Amherst Andover, MA MA
Jarred Mederos St. John's St. John's Hialeah Gardens, FL NY
Ryan Plourde Fairfield Waterbury, CT CT
Nick Kozlowski Hofstra Huntington Station, NY NY
Michael Foster Northeastern Pickering, ON MA
Brendan Butler Fairleigh Dickinson Fairleigh Dickinson Bel Air, MD NJ
PAT KREGELOH Shippensburg (Pa.) Shippensburg (Pa.) Effort, PA PA
Will Toffey Vanderbilt Barnstable, MA CT
Tim Caputo Rhode Island Greenlawn, NY RI
Shawn Carlson Fisher Andover, MA MA
Casey Roche Pittsburgh Downingtown, PA PA
Matt Peters California U. California U. Upper Darby, PA PA
Jimmy Meindl Siena Old Bridge, NJ NY
Cole Peragine Stony Brook Stony Brook Belle Ewart, ON NY
David Mahoney Connecticut Connecticut Colchester, CT CT
Robert Amaro Temple Temple Bensalem, PA PA
Chris Cruz Cornell Cornell Bay Shore, NY NY
Vaughn Hayward Bryant Glendale, RI RI
D.J. Ruhlman Seton Hall Belle Mead, NJ NJ
Wills Montgomerie UCONN Lakeville, CT CT
Derrick Sylvester Southern New Hampshire Franklin, NH NH
Jack Rogalla Binghamton River Forest, IL NY
Daniel Zamora Stony Brook Stony Brook La Puente, CA NY
Ryan McCormick St. John's St. John's Massapequa, NY NY
Alex Calbick Maine Burnaby, BC ME
Zachary Correll San Jacinto CC Swansea, MA MA
Matt Wotherspoon Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Mountain Top, PA PA
Joe Harvey Pittsburgh Audubon, PA PA
Will Kengor Slippery Rock Pittsburgh, PA PA
Anthony Lopez Buena, NJ NJ
Zach Nierstedt Georgia Highlands Elmira, NY NY
SCOTT DeJONG Felician N.J. Felician N.J. North Haledon, NJ NJ
Al Molina Coastal Carolina Freehold, NJ NJ
Dan Serreino Seton Hall Jackson, NJ NJ
Nick Raquet North Carolina Boalsburg, PA PA
Alex Robinett Army Bend, OR NY
Justin Pacchioli Lehigh Easton, PA PA
Zachary Albin Bethel, CT CT
Kurt Sowa Rider Bensalem, PA NJ
Shawn O'Neill La Salle Philadelphia, PA PA
John Razzino Franklin Pierce Cranston, RI NH
Brian Doran Maine Ayr, ON ME
Tyler Sterner Rhode Island Worcester, MA RI
Zachary Risedorf UCONN Barkhamsted, CT CT
John Ziznewski Long Island Staten Island, NY NY
Ed Charlton New Jersey Tech New Jersey Tech Egg Harbor Township, NJ NJ
J.P. Sportman Central Connecticut State Schenectady, NY CT
Tommy Lawrence Maine West Haven, CT ME
Ryan Siegel Mercyhurst Mercyhurst Sarver, PA PA
Forrest Chadwick Southern Maine Gardiner, ME ME
Devon Stewart Canisius Canisius Maple Ridge, BC NY
Jamill Moquette Massachusetts-Boston Massachusetts-Boston Boston, MA MA
Tom Verdi Connecticut Warwick, RI CT
Tyler Badamo Dowling Mt. Sinai, NY NY
Rich Vrana Marist Lindenhurst, NY NY
Carson Cross Connecticut Connecticut Exeter, NH CT
Frankie Vanderka Stony Brook Levittown, NY NY
Anthony Ciavarella Monmouth Monmouth Phillipsburg, NJ nj
Nicholas Dignacco Army Sharon, CT NY
Steve Snyder Penn State Malvern, PA PA
Mathew Annunziata Hofstra Manorville, NY NY
Taylor Lehman Penn State Penn State Pittsburgh, PA PA
Brian O'Grady Rutgers Rutgers Warminster, PA NJ
Christian Colletti Connecticut Connecticut Rockville Centre, NY CT
Mike Weisman Columbia Andover, MA NY
Brent Jones Cornell Cornell Woodstock, GA NY
Jose Lopez Florida International Tampa, FL NJ
David Drouin Hartford Hartford Boscawen, NH CT
Jacob Lamb Salisbury, CT CT